Have you ever heard of “Snow flossing”, “Snow surfing”, “Deep Snow Diving” or “Free-Ride Sweating?” I traveled to Zell Am See-Kaprun in Austria with Lea and Christine to find out what these new sports meant at the White Start Games 2012 . Believe it or not, some of them were exhausting.

The disciplines

Snow flossing meant to wear flippers and complete a parkour in the snow. Sounds easy but these flippers restrict your movement but it’s incredible how fast some people were. The highlight of this discipline were three guys from Salzburg who completed it in their shorts… brrr so cold!

Snow surfing meant snow tubing the hill in a sled. This also sounds easy but for somebody who normally crashes into the only tree on an empty hill it was pretty difficult. I survived though!

The Free-Ride Sweating was easy. We had to sit in a Sauna at 90 degrees Celsius and wear a think wholly hat, which made it a little bit hotter but we survived the 3 minutes we had to be in there.

Deep Snow Diving was easy again, simply had to race down the kids slide and swim a parkour in the kids pool.

White Start Games Finale

Christine calculating the weight of the block of ice

Why I participated?

I wanted to win the beautiful Audi A1. Unfortunately, I wasn’t drawn into the finals. Christine was drawn into the finals but unfortunately only for one round since we both miscalculated the weight of a block of ice.

White Start Games Audi

What is the funniest sport you did? Anything as crazy as the ones we tried in Austria? We are looking forward to your craziest sport stories in the comments below!

Disclaimer: I was invited to participate at the White Start Games by Zell Am See Tourism. However, they never asked to make a fool of myself and all thoughts are my own.
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6 Responses

  1. Megan

    you’ve never heard of snow flossing??? sheesh. what kind of bubble are you living in over there??? (kidding).

    the weirdest sport i ever saw was on tv in the US and it was super large trucks on a field with a jumbo sized soccer ball and they were playing soccer with goals and stuff but using trucks instead of people. it was the most redneck thing i had ever seen.

    i was drinking so it made it even better to witness it :)

    • sebastian

      yeah I know… I’m so yesterday… :)

      Your truck football sounds fun though… I’d love to try it but not with my own car and with insurance :)

  2. Peter

    The video is hilarious. It seems worth to visit it. Do you know if it be for sure next year? Couldn’t find any information online!

  3. Maria

    Fantastic ideas! Reminds me of the games my brother and I used to play as kids. I also indulged in fun home-made games w/my nephew while visiting him in Prague http://goo.gl/QizYa and had a BLAST!!!

    You should definitely head back next year and grab that title.


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