Gerona bridge by night

About two hours north of Barcelona you will find the little town of Gerona. In October I was there for TBEX, the travel blogger exchange, a conference where professional travel bloggers meet to attend workshops, network and just have a good time in a random city twice a year. This year it was this little town at the Costa Brava. It is absolutely beautiful and I loved to run around the narrow streets of the old city center.

All the small bars, taparias, squares and old houses have it’s own charme. The river Onyar flows right through the city and the houses all have different colors a spectacular sight during daylight but also at night. I managed to snap a long time exposure of the river and the houses in a clear night with no clouds and some visible stars.

Right next to this bridge you can find a square with a bar. Simply order a bottle of wine and sit on the stairs of the church while enjoying this special place at the Mediterranean coast in Cataluña.

You can easily spend a couple of weeks in the area since it is perfectly located between Barcelona in the south and the Pyrenees in the north.

Sebastian Canaves

Sebastian Canaves

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Sebastian Canaves


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Sebastian Canaves
Sebastian Canaves

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  1. Maria

    Gorgeous shot. Can easily picture myself standing there watching the sky go from blue to black and all the lights come up.

  2. Mike

    Beautiful picture! I have only heard good things about Gerona. I’m thinking a visit is in order this upcoming year when I’ll be teaching in Spain!


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