Northern Lights in Norway in forest

After hours of dog sledding in Northern Norway we arrived at the camp, and while it was pitch black during the sledding out in the tundra landscape of Norway once we returned to the camp and sat around the bond fire the aurora boraelis appeard. The beautiful lights started dancing over our heads as if nobody was watching, what an amazing experience. Seeing the lights and hearing the dogs outside in the wild, far away from any light source and urban pollution was truly incredible. Please take me back, take me back to that country that is Inspired By Nature!

Disclaimer: Thanks for making all this possible Innovation Norway!

Sebastian Canaves

Sebastian Canaves

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Sebastian Canaves
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Sebastian Canaves

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  1. Ross

    Great pics on facebook. I only got to see them on my third time of asking. I didn’t see them in Tromso, Norway when I was there. They were so worth the wait.


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