South Africa, the country of the big five, the country of endless flora and fauna, the country of beautiful costal towns and urban adventures, the country that inspires my inner adventurer.

At the end of November I’m going to visit South Africa for a week and have the opportunity to do many crazy things. They all sound so good that I cannot decide what exactly I should do. Therefore I’ve asked the organizers to trust the opinion of my beloved readers.

I trust your opinion a lot and at the end of the day this adventure travel blog only exists because of you. What started as something to inform friends and family became a resource for adventurers like yourself that want to get the best possible experience while traveling. So here is a big THANK YOU and at the same time a challenge for the two of us.

How much do you like me? ;)

During the next three weeks you will be able to decide what I will do in South Africa at the end of November. November is a great time to travel to South Africa, the spring is changing into summer in the southern hemisphere while in Europe it’s getting cold and time to pack for the next summer destination.


Ok so here are the options. You will be able to decide between following things and whatever you decide I’m going to do. There is no plan B. Your decision is final!



Should I stay at the Gibela Backpackers Lodge (Hostel) or sleep in the Hotel 64?

As you know, I love both! I love the social aspect of hostels and love to sleep in cozy beds and big hotel rooms. So what do you prefer? Send me anywhere! Vote via Facebook or fill out this little form (takes less than a minute)


Should I do the Big Rush Bungi Swing at the Moses Mabihda Stadium or go Kayaking along the coast of Durban?

A few weeks ago I did two bungee jumps in Scotland and loved it but I also love outdoor and nature and wouldn’t mind Kayaking. What do you think?  Vote via Facebook or fill out this little form (takes less than a minute)


And last but not least should I do a Riksha Ride along the Golden Mile in Durban or go Surfing? So what is your preference? Relaxation and being pulled by somebody or being active and enjoy the power of the water while working on your balancing skills? Vote via Facebook or fill out this little form (takes less than a minute)


I look forward to all your responses :)

Have you ever been to South Africa? I’m so excited!

Sebastian Canaves

Sebastian Canaves

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Sebastian Canaves


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13 Responses

  1. Rita

    Wow Sebastian this is awesome. I think you should stay at the hotel! Can’t wait to vote for the other activities next week!

    I look forward to follow your trip on facebook. I’m dying to go to South Africa since the world cup.

  2. Alex

    Fun letting people vote! I did this once and let my readers decide whether I would go to Vietnam or Laos (actually, they were settling a debate between my then-boyfriend and I!)

  3. GiselleandCody

    This is a really awesome idea to let people choose where you stay.
    It’s a good idea to have two really great choices…..We picked the hotel but both look equally beautiful :)

  4. Diana Edelman

    Love this idea! I’ve thought about having readers decide before, but never actually did it. I voted — hope it works out and the experience is perfection!!! And, I’m with the majority — Hotel 64 looks super awesome.

  5. Lourika

    Hey Sebastian,

    I’m curious to know why aren’t you going to Cape Town or to the Mpumalanga area? (I’m new to your blog, so I don’t know if you’ve been there already). I’m from Namibia and studied in Cape Town for 4 years and to me, that is one of the most amazing places!!! I’ve been to Durban and the surround area, I highly recommend that you try and go to the Midlands Meander, beautiful scenery.


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