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Do you road trip? Why I love road tripping so much!

I’m a huge fan of road trips. I’ve road tripped in Australia, Norway, France, Germany, the United States and so many more countries. One thing I’ve learned throughout the years is that it is not that much about where you travel but how and with whom you travel.

I’ve written an article a few years ago about how to prepare a road trip, this one is about why everybody should road trip and why it is so important to travel with the right people!

5 Reasons why you should road trip

1. Total flexibility

One of the most obvious reasons why you should travel by car is that you are 100 per cent more flexible. No timetables, no schedules, no nothing. You can do whatever you want and feel like doing. And even better, you don’t need to plan where you are going.

5 reasons to go on a road trip

2. You can be more spontaneous

One of these two options will happen on your road trip:

1. You are driving and one of your passengers reads a sign or sees something in the distance and desperately wants to check it out!

2. You meet fellow travellers who tell you of awesome places that you didn’t plan on visiting!

What now? Be spontaneous and take this detour. Remember you have total flexibility and no schedule to follow. Maybe you won’t sleep in the town you were thinking of crashing tonight. But who cares? It’s not like somebody was waiting for you there. Instead of driving east you are now driving south!

5 Reasons to go on a road trip

3. Listening to awesome road trip music

Know all these scenes from movies where people listen to fun music and dance and sing while driving and seem to have a blast? When you are traveling with really good friends, who are as crazy as you and love the same music it is exactly like that. So pick the right people, select the right music and start that engine!!! Need inspiration? Subscribe to my Road Trip playlist on Spotify! 

5 Reasons to go on a road trip

4. Catch up

Remember when you were a kid and had all the time in your life with your friends. Now, all grown up, you have to go to work and have many responsibilities during your day that you almost never have time to hang out with your friends? You wish you had a life like the guys from “How I Met Your Mother” and would meet them all the time but reality is that you get to see them once or twice a week. When is the last time you really had time for your friends and really caught up? Use a road trip to talk about everything that you also used to share when you were kids. Something got lost in the transition from teenagers to adults. Catch up!

5 Reasons to go on a road trip

5. The journey is the destination, a road trip is an adventure!

When going on road trips try to not plan. It’s about the road tripping experience. Try to avoid all the “Are we there yet?” It’s about all the fun breaks, the pranks, the landscapes, the chats… simply everything! Try to enjoy the trip and don’t worry about things that were in the past and that are waiting down the road. It’s about the moment! It’s about you! It’s about everything and nothing!


Ever been on a road trip? Any more reasons to go? Leave a comment so we can chat!

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14 comments on “Do you road trip? Why I love road tripping so much!

  1. Daniel Conceição on


    I totally agree! Road trips are the best!
    I’ve already road tripped in South America (16000km), USA (LA to NYC) and North Italy. My next one will be in Germany. I’ll read yours to get some hints!


  2. Tiana Kai on

    I’m embarking on my longest road trip ever this month…in the UK! So far so great! It’s so much fun and I planned it so I wouldn’t be driving for more than three hours a time. I want to get some good hikes in, good food and beer! 29 days to go!

  3. Diane of New Nomads on

    My husband and I love to road trip. We’ve been on so many of the great drives in the US and our next road trip will be the Outer Banks in a few weeks to drive NC-12 for our 5th time.

    We’ve road tripped in France, Spain, Canada, Mexico and Australia – all were amazing and left me wanting more, more, MORE!

    Being able to move completely at your own pace makes for my favorite kind of trip.

  4. Thankful Traveler on

    Great article! Couldn’t agree more. We just completed a road trip through France, Germany, and Switzerland.

    I would advise people to stay of the main toll roads when traveling through these areas. Take the scenic route. It’s cheaper and you will see much more countryside and small towns.

  5. Santi R. on

    I love road trip… my experience was only in my country, Indonesia.. trans java.. the farthest one was from Bandung (west java) to Medan (North Sumatra) with a non-air-con-ed jeep.. very tiring yet unforgettable experience..