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Greece, a country that as of lately got a lot of negative PR. Broke, Chaos and Demonstrations are only a few words that are associated with this beautiful country at the eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea.

A UK based Travel Company asked me why I think you should go on holidays in Greece with Cosmos in 2014. I came up with 8 reasons why you should travel to greece now:

1. Prices dropped compared to the last years

According to cost of living website, the cost of living in Athens dropped compared to 2012 and 2011 making traveling in Greece much more affordable than in the last few years.

2. Greece is still safe for traveling

Greece has always been a very safe country to travel in Europe and this hasn’t changed since the financial crisis Greece is going through these days.

3. Greece is beautiful and diverse


Greece is an incredibly beautiful and diverse country, I love the old architecture in Athens, the beautiful buildings of Santorini and the pristine beaches along the coasts in the south and in the north of the country.

4. The people are very friendly

“Kalimera” Greeks are incredibly friendly and warm-hearted. You will often meet Greeks that will invite you for one, two or more Ouzos or some other drink or invite you to join them on their table even though the two of you don’t talk the same language. With hands and feet you’ll be able to understand each other and a few drinks are known to help to get over this communication barrier.

5. Check out the archeology sights

Greece and Athens in particular are known for its archeology, check out all the sights and if you are really into archeology, there are some sights where you can volunteer and maybe be part of something bigger. You never know what you will find!

6. Gastronomy tour

Greece has a very diverse kitchen and is one of the main producers of extra-virgin olive oil worldwide. How about exploring the different local dishes around the country and maybe even do an olive oil tasting. I did it once, and I can tell you there are differences between the different regions and the age of the oil. It’s incredible!

7. The Climate

One of the reasons I love Greece is for its climate, like all the countries in southern Europe, the climate is warm in the winter and hot in the summer. I’m from Spain and grew up this way. I hate the long winters in northern Europe, they are fine for a month but anything longer than that makes me go crazy. Greece is great because the climate in winter is very mild and you still have double degrees in December and January!

8. Island Hopping

This is a well-known fact; Greece has so many islands that you can easily spend your whole time in the country hopping from one island to another. It’s also a pretty affordable way to travel!

So what are you waiting for, when are you going to Greece? Or have you already been? Let me know in the comments and share your best stories!



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  1. Rita on

    Your post comes timely, I was just discussing with my husband what we should do this christmas, well we just booked Greece because of you. We will be there 23. December to 2. January in Santorini and Athens.