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Travel plans in May: Adventure in Europe

Today I’m off to one of the busiest months of the year, its going to be an adventure in europe. This morning I left Berlin and will not return to home until the 3rd of June in the mean time I will have traveled to 5 countries, held workshops, consulted companies abroad and eaten delicious foods typical for the regions where I stayed.

Travel plans in May

Blog Camp Cologne

Right now I’m sitting in an ICE between Berlin and Cologne. In Cologne, Conni and I will have the first Blog Camp outside of Berlin where we will do workshops about how to become a professional blogger. It is fully booked out and I’m very excited to meet our participants tonight. You can follow our work with the hashtag #BlogCampCGN.

Road trip in Germany

Since two years I’m telling my brother that I would go traveling with him. We finally found some time and will do a 5 days road trip through Germany, Ash from TheMostAlive will also join us. We haven’t decided the route yet but you will be able to influence the things we do. Do you have any suggestions what we should do or where we should go? Let me know in the comments or send me an e-mail.

 Adventure in Europe

TBU in Rotterdam

Right after the road trip I have two days where I need to shoot a corporate video for a client. Right afterwards I’m leaving to Rotterdam to attend TBU where I hope to meet many old travel blogging friends and make new friends. I’m excited to go back to Holland for a bit longer than only one day. Maybe you know, that I used to live in the Netherlands for almost 2.5 years.

BlogVille in Bologna

Right after TBU, I will fly to Italy where I will stay with Conni from Planet Backpack, Ash from The Most Alive and Deb and Dave from ThePlanetD in a beautiful apartment right in the city center of Bologna. Can’t wait for 3 days of Pizza, Pasta and Vino…

24 Hours in Oslo

In February I visited Northern Norway with visitNorway. They asked me how to better work with bloggers and invited me back to their general meeting to do a seminar on how bloggers work and how to maximize online exposure by working with travel blogs. I will only be in the city over night and won’t have time to see that much. But it’s ok, I was in Oslo in February for three days! I would like to see it in Sprig though.

Vive la France!

After Norway I will be flying to Paris where I will start a road trip through France with a TV crew. The tour looks and sounds amazing. We will be stopping at all the wine regions to try the different wines. Our stops will be:  Paris, Tours, Bordeaux, Bezieres, Beaune, Paris! I’m very excited about this month. At the same time it will also be stressful to keep everything updated. We will see how it goes!

Have you been to any of the places I’m visiting and have any tips for me? Would love to read them in the comments below!


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12 comments on “Travel plans in May: Adventure in Europe

  1. Alex on

    Wow, you are a busy guy! Shame you can’t stay longer in some of these places, but I guess you can always return when you aren’t being dragged in so many directions!

  2. Erick on

    I’m right there with you my friend. Just returned from Thailand two days ago, Vegas tomorrow, New York, TBU Rotterdam, Cannes, France, back to the U.S. and then a month in Argentina.

  3. Sandra on

    For the next France trip: I can only recommend the Chateaux de la Loire circuit. Over 400 castles are located along the river and demonstrate the Haute Bourgeoisie Française in its finest times. It is also situated in a wonderful wine region. 🙂

  4. Kerwin on

    Hiya Sebastian,
    A lovely itinerary. My craziness starts on Thursday of this week and continues… It does include Rotterdam, so I’ll see you there. Its not as planned as yours though.

  5. Andrea on

    Wow! Busy busy busy! But sounds like fun. Oh yes! I’ve been to a lot of the places you mentioned but haven’t spent a lot of time there. Bologna is amazing from what I hear. Enjoy every piece of pizza and gelato!

  6. Silvia on

    Hi Sebastian, what a great plan for the upcoming month!
    as I lived in Bologna for three years, I highly recommend you some delicacy to eat:
    – piadina with squcquerone (typical cheese)
    – gnocco fritto
    – passatelli with broth or without
    – fresh tagliatelle with meat souce
    – tortellini o cappelletti

    sorry but there’s no translation for these, the best thing to do is to google the dishes’ name
    and find out if you like them
    take care!