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Review: Parking at Eindhoven Airport

Situation: You just bought yourself a very cheap flight with a Low Cost Carrier and look forward to your weekend escape. But then you arrive at the airport and see that airport parking per hour costs around 5 Euro. All of a sudden your short holiday start to exceed the budgeted costs.


airport parking eindhoven

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Since a couple of years, companies have started to rent space around airports and built parking spaces which they are selling cheaper than the airports. In January 2011 I scored a pretty good deal with Ryanair from Eindhoven to Dublin for a weekend visiting Ireland and some friends. I thought about the costs in advance and found out that parking at Eindhoven airport can be very expensive. Luckily at Eindhoven a company called Park & Fly started a cheaper parking service which I booked days in advance. I got myself the parking place P200 because all the others were full but I saved myself over 60 Euros.

Easy to book

The procedure is very easy. You check their website and select the days you would like to park your car, then you select the car park P 80 – 600. The number behind the P means the distance of the car park to the airport. P 80 is 80 meters away from the airport P 600 is 600 meters away.

After selected your car park you can easily pay with credit card and you will get a receipt with a code which you have to type in at the entrance of the car park. Once you returned from your holidays you simply drive out of the parking place. No drama and no expensive surprises.

Another bonus is, that the car parks are secured, which makes it a little bit safer and less risky to leave your car alone for a couple of days!!!

Have you ever used alternative airport parking? Did you save money by doing so? I look forward to read your opinion below!

airport parking Eindhoven
Airport Parking Eindhoven

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6 comments on “Review: Parking at Eindhoven Airport

  1. Pete Michaels on

    Thank you so much for this review. I never thought of this option. I am sure that other airports have the same facilities. I always pay ridiculous amounts of money for parking when we go on holidays!

  2. Christy @ Technosyncratic on

    I’ve never had to park at an airport before, thankfully. In San Diego the airport is very centrally located so it was easy to bum a ride, and SFO is super accessible via public transportation. I could see it being a necessity in a lot of places, though.

  3. Erica on

    I like to use my friend-mobile to get us to the airport personally. Shaun doesn’t trust his car in parking lots… he is weird about his WRX.

  4. Stephanie - The Travel Chica on

    If I am at home, I can usually get a friend to take me to the airport, or I can take a taxi and it’s still cheaper than parking. The few times I have used parking, I have gotten good deals from the companies that offer parking and shuttle service.