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10 best Instagram accounts you should definitely be following!

You need new ideas for your next adventure? Then let yourself be inspired by some of my absolute favorite instagrammers and discover places that up till now have not even been on your wishlist. Be it adventures in the mountains or in the desert or a surf road trip in a cool van, these best Instagram accounts will definitely arouse your longing for adventure!

Travel inspiration

The 10 best Instagram accounts to awake your travel drive!!

Traveling is and will always be the best thing in the world! But planning a new adventure and getting inspired for the next trip is almost as good. There are so many great places in this world that it can be really difficult to decide where to go next. You search the internet, read lots of blog posts, click your way from one site to another or ask your friends if they can recommend something. And suddenly you grow more passionate about a place you discovered while searching. It is a bit like falling in love with someone whom you don’t even really know.

And this feeling comes over and over again, every time you plan a new trip. No matter how often you have already set out traveling. This tingling inside you, this longing, this craving for adventure.

One of the best sources of inspiration to kindle the lust for adventure is Instagram. Every second several thousands of new images that take you to a new place are uploaded here. And the best part: you can get to know these places from a very different perspective. From the perspective of people who really live there or that are other travelers like you.

For me Instagram images are probably the best inspiration for new adventures. I love going through other instagrammers’ galleries, each time entering another world and falling in love again.

There are a couple of great instagrammers that I have discovered for myself and that make my nomad heart beat higher. To quench your wanderlust and also get inspiration for your next trip you should out these best Instagram accounts and follow them as well!

10 instagrammers you should definitely be following!

1. Johan Lolos – World Explorer

Johan is one of my absolute favorite instagrammers and is originally from Belgium but seldom goes back there. Be it stunning lights like recently on Iceland, lonely cabins in the snow in Canada or hikes with great views in New Zealand, here you find inspiration for places that still are wild and untouched. You cannot help but feel the tingling when you go through his gallery!

Instagram account: @lebackpacker
Follow his account here!

Oh Wanaka…

A photo posted by Johan Lolos – World Explorer (@lebackpacker) on

2. by Jaharn Giles

The person behind @misterweekender is not a man but the wonderful Jaharn. Her pictures are all in a very light style and have something wild about them. Jaharn travels almost every weekend, at the moment she is hiking through Tasmania in Australia and just recently went for a desert adventure in Dubai and before that did a road trip through Iceland. In my opinion she has one of the best Instagram accounts and her pictures will be a great inspiration for a cool weekend adventure!

Instagram account: @misterweekender
Follow her here!


Looking for the cool surfer life? Then you have to follow Raskal! I only know him because he is good friends with my surfing teacher Ayo in Canggu. Whenever I miss Bali and surfing I go by his account. His style is super cool and he also does really great portraits!

Instagram account: @raskal
Find him here!

4. Adrien Leyronas

Adrien spends most of his time in Paris and takes absolutely wonderful pictures of the city. From time to time he will take you along on wonderful adventures to other cities or out in nature. I especially love his talent for always catching the light in the right moment, making for super beautiful images!

Instagram account: @l_adrien
Here is his account!

Who wants to share this view with me ? ☀️ #découvrirensemble

A photo posted by Adrien Leyronas (@l_adrien) on

5. snapchat // jordanherschel

Jordan lives in California, right by Lake Tahoe on the border to Nevada. San Fransisco, Big Sur and Yosemite National Park are not far. His Instagram pictures take you on an adventure hunt through California and will really wake the wanderlust in you. And like many other travel instagrammers he also travels to many other countries, like just recently Canada.

Instagram account: @jordanherschel
Find his account here!

I'm due for another road trip through Big Sur, and something is telling me that you are, too. Just grab someone and go.

A photo posted by snapchat // jordanherschel (@jordanherschel) on

6. Jason Charles Hill

When looking at Jason’s pictures I feel the same kind of tingling as I do with Johan’s, they make me want to immediately pack my backpack, put on my hiking boots and go somewhere where there is wilderness waiting for me. Jason takes you along to countries that are just brimming with adventure like Kenia, Canada, the US, Australia or New Zealand!

Instagram account: @Jasoncharleshill
Follow him here!

Watching the storm roll in over the plains… ? @magicalkenya @canonaustralia @afsafco #WhyILoveKenya

A photo posted by Jason Charles Hill (@jasoncharleshill) on

7. Life in my ’82 VW Westy

Greg tours the US with his van and his surfboard and then and again stops in cool cities like New York or San Francisco. If you have always wanted to know what a surf road trip in the US is like, then this is the account for that. The colors of his images on Instagram and the pictures of his cool camper immediately make you want to set out on an adventure like this too!

Instagram account: @greg.mills
This is his account!

Through the heartland ?? #vanlife

A photo posted by Life in a '82 VW Westy (@greg.mills) on

8. Cole Rise

Cole is a really talented photographer and takes very very beautiful pictures. The light, the atmosphere, the motif, the landscape – wanderlust really is the main focus here. And then there are the wonderful images of people and animals that Cole encounters on his travels. His account is always worth a visit and you will get great inspiration!

Instagram account: @colerise
Follow his account here!

prepping a talk for @musicche's photo club – what's one thing you've always wondered about photography?

A photo posted by Cole Rise (@colerise) on

9. Ben Brown

Ben Brown simply is cool. Period. I only know Ben Brown because he also vlogs daily on YouTube and like us is always on the go. Ben is originally from London but now he more or less lives in Cape Town and does cool trips through either South Africa or all the way up to Mozambique. Of course his Landrover named Pumba has his own Instagram account. And just recently he travelled around Iceland and Canada! Ben Brown has definitely one of the best Instagram accounts!

Instagram account: @Mrbenbrown
Follow him here!
P.S: Click here to get to Ben’s and our own YouTube channel.

10. Emilie Ristevski

Emilie’s Instagram account always lets my heart beat higher – her pictures are just beautiful! Her gallery is mostly Instagram images with her photographed from behind, always wearing a hat and with a breathtaking landscape or just a plain field in the background. She always manages to keep her style and her images of light are especially great. Be it mountains, desert or jungle, I always want to dive right into the images myself!

Instagram account: @Helloemilie
This is her account!

Looking back down never-ending desert roads…✨? . . . Photo ? @jasoncharleshill @jucyworld #jucyworld

A photo posted by Emilie Ristevski (@helloemilie) on

11. Off The Path

And of course you find even more inspiration on our Off The Path Instagram account where we regularly post pictures of our adventures. Be it the climbing of a peak in ice and snow or a walking safari in the African bush – our Instagram images will probably make you tingle too!

Instagram accounts: @offthepath
Follow us here!

And: @linedubois
That’s her account!

Which are your favorite instagrammers for wanderlust and inspiration?

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