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Best Pictures of Vigo, Spain

In late October I visited the galician city Vigo which lays calmly at the atlantic ocean just a couple of kilometers north of the portuguese border. I visited Vigo for a short weekend trip and was surprised about the good weather you still have at the end of October. The three days I was there included a short city tour a day on the cies islands and a sightseeing tour around the beaches. Vigo is definitely worth a journey. It’s not has a beautiful landscape it also has some of the best food in Spain. Unfortunately though it is a little bit hard to get there directly since the airport only flies to a couple of airports in Europe including Paris and a few others.

These are some of the best pictures of this picturesque place in northern Spain.

The Landscapes

Cies Island, Vigo

Vigo, Spain

Cies Island

Pedra da Campa, Cies Island, Vigo

Vigo sunset

view over vigo

Sunset Vigo, Spain

The Food

Fish platter spain

jamon iberico spain

Ever been to Vigo or Galicia? We are looking forward to your opinion in the comments below!

Disclaimer: I was invited to Vigo by the Tourism Authority of Vigo. However, they never asked to write a positive review and as usually all thoughts are my own.

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7 comments on “Best Pictures of Vigo, Spain

  1. Josie on

    Hi Sebastian,
    Fantastic place! And I want that dinner on the silver platter.
    I adore Spain and am looking forward to seeing more. Thanks for showing me Vigo and Galacia.

  2. Mandy on

    I haven’t been to Vigo or Galacia specifically, but these pictures capture exactly how I remember Spain from my trip 10 years ago. I can’t wait to go back – thanks for sharing!