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The Loire valley is mostly known for its great white wines but there is more to that in this region around the city of Tours. Once you leave the city, you will find yourself surrounded by beautiful vineyards on little hills. Perfect location for biking in France on a sunny day!

Biking in France through the vineyards of Loire Valley

biking in france

Around the city of Montsoreau, which lays about 50 minutes in the south west of Tours, you will find beautiful little hills that aren’t too steep that invite you for an afternoon biking tour.

Passing by all the beautiful vineyards you should definitely bring some snack and a good wine from the region for a little break in vines. Many little chateaus are in the region and from the hills you have a beautiful view over the picturesque valley of Loire.

Loire Valley is known for its white wines

DSC_8189The region in the Loire Valley is known for its white wines. This region is the third largest wine producer of France and sells over 320 million bottles a year. Most of the wines are Sauvignon Blanc and Cabernet Blanc but you will also find some Cabernet Franc (red wine) in between.

The region is huge and very diverse and stretches all the way to the Atlantic coast. It definitely offers something for every kind of traveler. Tours for instance is definitely worth a short visit to explore the city. I was impressed by the majestic and beautiful train station that already gives you a grasp what this city and region is about when you enter the terminal station with the TGV coming from Paris.

You can rent some bikes near “La Marine De Loir” which is located right at the main street of Montsoreau. Just around the corner from there you are in the middle of the vineyards. Perfect location to start you little excursion around the hills of Loire.

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  1. Rita on

    Hilarious video and I would love to do a biking tour around France. I closely followed your french trip and absolutely loved it. In fact I will probably travel to those places next year with my hubby. Thanks for all the information and inspiration.