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Bran Castle aka Dracula’s Castle

Most who think about Transylvania think about mountains, dark forests and Dracula!

All three things exist in Transylvania, well maybe the forest aren’t that dark but there are a lot of trees. If you visit Dracula’s Castle you will probably stay in Brasov, which is the biggest city of the area.

Where to Stay?

Brasov has a couple of hotels and hostels to accommodate all the tourists who come to visit Dracula’s castle.

If you are looking for a great hostel with a good price-performance ratio I’d recommend staying at Kismet Dao. The service of this hostel surprised me and was one of the best hostels I stayed at.

You can get a bed in a shared room from 10 Euros, which includes breakfast, towel, unlimited wifi and internet, coffee and tea all day and one beer!

How to get to Dracula’s Castle?

If you depend on public transportation that you take the bus from Autogara 2 and not Autogara 1, which is right next to the train station. There are a buses leaving for about 6 lei one way. The ride takes about 45 minutes and brings you safely right in front of Bran Castle.

Bran Castle aka Dracula's Castle

What does Dracula’s Castle cost?

The entrance price for bran castle is 20 lei for adults; students get a 50 % discount with their student card. If you want to take pictures you will have to pay another 20 lei (nobody checks once you are inside).

What can we do at Dracula’s Castle?

Once on the hill where the castle lays you will have to walk up some stairs before entering. There is a route from entrance till exit you have to follow with hundreds of others with you. Unfortunately, it’s very busy as many people come to see it.

To get a picture of the castle without people is very difficult and you might want to consider very late before the castle closes (summer 6 pm, winter 4 pm).

You will go through most of the rooms. On some walls you will find explanations of the history of the castle, the region and the rooms. What isn’t mentioned on them is, that most of the furniture in there is bought and are antiques. Nearly nothing is an original from the time when the kings and queens liven in the castle and nothing actually belonged to the castle.

If you still have time, you should drive to see Peles Castle in Sinaia, about 40 minutes away from Bran Castle.

Have you ever visited Bran Castle aka Dracula’s Castle or do you want to visit it? I look forward to read your opinion in the comments below!


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16 comments on “Bran Castle aka Dracula’s Castle

  1. dtravelsround on

    Bran Castle has such a cool history, but it’s too bad they took all of the original items out of the place and replaced it with antiques. I found it very touristy. Enjoyed Peles much more. But, as far as one of those stops you should make … yes!

  2. Christy @ Technosyncratic on

    I imagine this has become super touristy, but I’d still visit for sure. I mean, it’s Dracula we’re talking about here!

  3. Stephanie - The Travel Chica on

    It drives me crazy when tourist attractions charge extra to take photos. But I’ll pay it if it’s something I really want to photograph.

  4. Ele on

    I hope I will be able to submit a more detailed comment once I am back from this trip on June 17. I am so looking forward to seeing all those castles and mountains!

  5. OCDemon on

    Just down the street you’ll also find Rasnov, which is another cool castle that seems to be forgotten because Bran is just down the street. There was a café way in the back, with an archery range, but since nobody came in (it was winter), the staff had nothing to do but practice archery all day. They were REALLY good.

  6. celida zuniga on

    I visited November 2011. It was kind of cold and start snowing the day that l went to Transylvania.I visited the Drakula’s Castle and I liked the history about the Drakula’s movies.The one that liked most was the Pele Castle.Those Castles inside those mountains are an inspiration.I paid a private guy from the Tempo Hotel in Bucharest, it took about 2/1 hrs. Romania is a beautiful country with lots things to see.