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Calling from abroad


I’ve been traveling on an off for about 5 years now and traveled to over 30 countries during the last years. One of the most important things besides having Internet and my camera was having a phone and calling from abroad.

There are many ways that can keep your costs low.


Prepaid local SIM Card

If you have an unlocked phone, this would be a good option. You can buy local SIM cards for a couple of Euros and can top it up when you run out of money. Many operators have started to offer prepaid internet + calling packages. If you travel with a smartphone like an iPhone you will be able to surf the internet while traveling. This has the advantage that you can check all the time while you are traveling for the latest travel tips 😉

The downside to the local SIM is, that if you travel to many countries in a short period you will change your number many times. It can get very annoying for you and your friends and relatives to remember a new number all the time. Also some operators haven’t changed their system to English. That means that their service is only available in the local language.

International Roaming

If you travel to other countries for a very short time and you want an easy option to use the internet on your phone because you subscribed to all the posts of via E-Mail, international Roaming would be the best option for you. Even though that many countries have strict rules of the maximum what a phone company can charge for this it is still a very expensive option.

Global SIM Card

An option between the local SIM and the international Roaming option would be to get an international SIM card. Many companies offer Global SIM cards with cheap international calling rates, you can call your friends in Europe from 1,5 euro cent and to some countries you can even make free calls. To use this option you also need an unlocked phone.

If you decide to buy a smartphone before you set off the travel the world. Remember to buy an unlocked phone which works with other phone providers.

 How do you keep your phone bill low while traveling abroad? I look forward to read your opinion below!

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7 comments on “Calling from abroad

  1. Sara GowithOh on

    Heey! I was also researching this and got a Mifi, I think is a great option, connect up to 5 devices to the same SIM card and everydody can use facetime or viber to call. The greatest will be to have the global SIM card + the great Mifi, right?

  2. thatsofarah on

    Wow, a Mifi! First time hearing it. I would always go for the local sim cards. However, going to places far off, getting a network and internet is always the issue. If in big cities, wifi connection would definitely save the costs for calling from abroad.

  3. John Mclane on

    Getting a lot of informative information regarding calling from abroad. Read this blog and amazing services for calling.

  4. Conny Nordin on

    At the Galiano Oceanfront Inn and Spa (on a Pacific Island off the coast of British Columbia), we provide free long distance calling to our guests anywhere in the world. Have you found other hotels provide this? We can’t be the only ones!
    Conny Nordin, Owner and Inn Manager

  5. Riani on

    I use Skype! If you have access to wifi in the coffee shop on the corner or the hotel lobby, you’re good to call as many peeps as you want and chat as long as you like. Good for sharing the day’s pics and the local atmosphere too. Bad for private conversations.

    (sneaky tip, when you are not close to said coffee shop or hotel lobby: when roaming the streets/off exploring, hover in front of a nice hotel, usually the wifi range is good enough for a quick call. I didn’t tell you that.)