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Gems of Mallorca – Hidden Beaches in Mallorca

Some people know Mallorca for its German and English tourists, all-inclusive hotels and crowded beaches. But it also offers beautiful landscapes, small and clean beaches and delicious food.

In this post I’d like to introduce you to some of the gems of the island. Small hidden beaches in Mallorca where you will have to do a little work out to get there but once there you will not want to leave again.

Note: To travel in Mallorca and reach some of these beaches it’s recommended to rent a car. You can hire cars in Mallorca at the Airport and drive to your hotel or holiday house. Driving in Mallorca is easy and the streets are well marked. Also, the Tramuntana Mountain range is ideal for little road trips by car.

1. Cala de Bóquer

From one of the back roads of Puerto Pollensa at the so called Urbanització de Bóquer starts the path to the Bay of Bóquer. You have to cross a couple of private properties so make sure that you close all gates behind you. The trail itself isn’t very long, it’s about 3-4 km’s one way. You will cross the northern part of the Tramuntana mountain range and will arrive at a little bay, which is otherwise only accessible by boat. Here you won’t find many people and if you do, they are probably locals!

It’s a very small and rocky bay but a beautiful way to end a little hike by jumping in the turquoise water.

2. Cala del Castell

One of the least visited bays of Mallorca is the Cala del Castell in Ternelles. The reason it’s one of the least visited is because a private property is between you and the bay. Until 2010 no one was allowed to enter this property since the omnipresent March family owns it. Since 2010 up to 20 people per day are allowed to enter and cross the private property to the bay.

To be allowed to enter and cross the March property you need to apply in writing to the municipality. To receive the email address you need to call at 971 53 01 08. They will give you an e-mail address where you can state your requested date and the number of people in your group. It might take a while until you receive your written authorization. Once you received it you are good to go!

3. Es Caragol


Photo by: Conselleria de Turisme/Jaume Capella

Located in the southern part of Mallorca close to Santanyi you will find Es Caragol. It’s a 500m long stretch of unspoilt sand beach surrounded by sand dunes. To get there you need to walk at least 30 minutes from the closest car park. Park your car at Cap de Ses Salines close to the lighthouse and walk northwest near the seashore for half an hour.

Note: All beaches noted above are off the path and there are no hotels, restaurants or other facilities near by. Remember to bring the right shoes for hiking and enough food and water on your hike.

There are many more beautiful beaches, some a more and others are less beautiful! If you visit Mallorca you should travel around and find the perfect beach for your needs!

Have you been to Mallorca? Which was your favorite beach so far? We are looking forward to your opinion in the comments below!

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16 comments on “Gems of Mallorca – Hidden Beaches in Mallorca

  1. Rural Hotels Mallorca on

    Thanks Sebastian! Some nice beaches there, I haven’t been to Cala del Castell yet but have to check it out.

    You are spot on about the beautiful landscape, small beaches & coves and fantastic food on the island! Its hard to beat the natural beauty of Mallorca if one just stays away from those exploited parts of the island (Magaluf, L’arenal etc).

    Have you been to Cala Banyalbufar…? If not I recommend a visit there, I love that cove, and its also one of my favorite villages on the island where you have a couple of really nice small and traditional restaurants.

    Hope to get some more ideas about nice beaches & coves to visit!

  2. Neil on

    Mallorca has just about everything for an island, has so much more to offer than just an 18-30 hotspot. Top class beaches and drives. We found it really relaxing last time we visited, and some great food too!

  3. Sofia Johnson on

    The photos look inviting. It is a treat to the eyes to watch these photos. I haven’t yet visited mallorca, but am looking forward to visit it in the near future. I had visited one island the Andamans, which was amazing. It was such a relaxing trip. Hope I can look forward to one more relaxing holiday.

  4. Gabrielle Lumière on

    The photos are really good and amazing. They remind me of the time I had in Australia. There also we visited many beaches and each one had their own specialty. I think this would be a great place to visit.

  5. kevin on

    The photos are really good and amazing. Fantastic view of the beach. In Mallorca top class beaches and drives. We found it really relaxing last time we visited, and some great food too!

  6. Harris Jack on

    Lovely pictures. I had been to Mallorca some time back. It was such a relaxing holiday. We had a great time there. The beaches are really unforgettable. I think the beaches are really a gem.

  7. sebastian robinson on

    This truly looks like paradise on earth. I have not heard about mallorca. After reading this article I would really love to visit this place. I have been to Mauritius and loved the beaches there. I think this pictures look inviting.

  8. Aaliyah on

    My favourite tennis player Rafael Nadal is from Mallorca,Spain and have read articles on Nadal praising his home town and the beautiful beaches in its surrounding.I appreciate the efforts of author of this post for filling the readers with the details on Mallorcan beaches and also for enlisting the hidden beaches not much known to the tourists and visitors. Mallorca is a real heaven on the earth.I will include this place on the top of list of destinations I wanted to tour in near future.

  9. Alyssa on

    I love the pictures you have posted here. I had been sometime back to Mallorca and found it really relaxing. It was a real vacation to cherish. With the beautiful beaches and tasty food, I think it is an ideal holiday place.

  10. Jocelyn bettyboop on

    I travel a lot exploring beautiful beaches all over the world for recreation at different places.I was desperate to catch the scenic natural beauty of flaura and fauna on the mountains surrounding the beaches which have not been toured frequently by visitors..I tracked many beaches everywhere and anywhere, but have never found such a placid,tranquil and soothing beach in Mallorca, in the whole world. I make sure to write anecdotes of my travel stories in brief for records in future.I will share this link and my experience on the spectacular Mallorcan Beaches on my social network to let my friends know about it.

  11. Ewoud on

    We want to rent a house in Mallorca, but where…? We do like nice sandy beaches but we don’t like touristic places.
    As far as I know the best beaches are in the (south)east. So we have an eye on a house in Manacor.
    Does any body have some good advise for us?

  12. Babeth on

    Close to Sa Coma/S’Illot and Cala Millor they have some amazing hidden beaches. There are no paths going there tho, so you have to go for a hike. Just walk along the coast line and you’ll find some amazing beaches!

  13. Fatin on

    I’ve never heard of Cala del Castell, it must be great!
    I think my favorite ones so far are Cala Interrogant, Sa Torre, Estellencs/Banyalbufar and the ones in Betlem (I don’t know what they’re called since I was trying to go somewhere else and ended up lost there, haha. Lots of sea urchins though)
    I assume you know this site but I’ll leave it here anyway, it’s great for discovering semi-hidden calas:
    I recently promised myself that as soon as I get my driving license I’m going to visit every beach there is here before I finish my degree and move somewhere else.
    Great fan!
    Benvingut de nou a s’illa!