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Smoke hookah and enjoy apple çay in Istanbul!

While in Istanbul make sure that you visit one of the cafes where you can smoke a hookah and enjoy some nice Turkish apple çay!

Many Turkish men meet during midday in one of the cafes where they exchange the latest news while they enjoy their hookah also called Nargile and some nice hot çay (Turkish for tea).

We went to a café, which was outside of the Grand Bazaar. Although it is situated in the touristy part of the city, Sultanahmet, there were only two other tables with tourists, the rest were Turkish men and Turkish students enjoying their break and drinking their çay while smoking their hookahs.

Prices were very moderate. We paid 20 Turkish lira (approx. 9 Euro) for a nargile and nine çay.

We also visited some cafes which were recommended by Lonely Planet. Unfortunately most of them disappointed as they were crowded by other Lonely Planet readers I guess… Most of them, if not all, were tourists.


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The entrance to the cafe!

What is your experience with Hookah cafes in Istanbul?

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27 comments on “Smoke hookah and enjoy apple çay in Istanbul!

    • seba on

      It is something special and kinda different to sit between all these old locals in such old location. I loved it, that’s why I stayed there for hours 🙂

  1. Pete on

    Never hookah’d it up in Istanbul, but my buddy’s wife is from Tehran, so many times we would bring it out when I was still in Canada. Cherry flavor is wonderful 🙂

    We’ll be in Istanbul in March, so I’m looking forward to it!

    Hope you are feeling better 🙂

    • seba on

      Please go to this place and tell me how you like it 🙂 All the other cafes I visited where a little disappointment but this one was amazing!

  2. Emily @ Maiden Voyage on

    I definitely smoked some hookah and drank apple tea during my time in Istanbul! The tea can be a bit sickly sweet, but it’s really yummy! I just didn’t like that some shopkeepers tried to use it to keep me in their stores forever. I quickly learned that it’s a trick! I enjoyed the hookahs because it was a fun way to just chill outdoors with friends. Glad you had fun, too!

  3. Raymond @ Man On The Lam on

    I experimented with my first hookah in Turkey, but in the south. I’ve had many hookahs ever since, with varied results. But I’ll always have a soft spot for my first hookah experience. (yes, I’m still talking about the tobacco!) 😉

  4. Gluttons_Abroad on

    This place is amazing! When you’re facing the door of the photo posted above, the entrance is actually to the right. Thanks for the tip- we found via Google whie trying to escape the madness of the old city to rest before shopping in the bazaar.

  5. Kristina on

    Thanks a lot for this tip! We just came back from this nargile place and it was awesome!!! 🙂 Everyone is celebrating the upcoming end of ramadan so it was crowded by locals and very lively. After visiting Fatih-Balat, the old traditional district, and Kadiköy I finally feel like I have experienced the real Istanbul! Btw we paid 20 lira but for the shisha only, the çay was paid extra.