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Horse riding on Isla de Ometepe

In the Lonely Planet for Nicaragua we read that it is possible to rent horses at the Hacienda. We asked some people but you actually couldn’t do that spontaneously and that is why we asked at a shop outside of the Hacienda and ended up with two horses.

Satu had the bigger one. That was ok because I had to get used to horse riding again after nearly 10 years. But it was so much fun. We rode down half way to San Ramon and galloped a little at a small beach. It was really nice to be on a horse again and having the possibility here in Nicaragua was even better.

After we returned the horses we went back to the hacienda and had a swim in the lake, packed our stuff and had a last lunch together. We booked the speed boat to bring us to San Jose and from there we then would take the ferry back to San Jorge.

Miguel our speedboat driver let me drive the boat for most of the time. It was a great experience and a lot of fun!

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