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Love Letter To Norway

Dear Norway,

I am not sure when it happened, was it two years ago when we first met, or recently when we met after such a long time? I have to admit, I’m confused.

I remember when I arrived in Bergen in 2010 and you greeted me with a warm smile, you were so unexpectedly hot. I was so nervous meeting you. I mean, you always expect so much from everybody, the price you pay to meet you is relatively high and I was excited when I finally had the chance. All the things you offered me to do were incredible and I only had 10 days with you. You showed me your beautiful fjords and took me up on your glaciers. I wasn’t surprised that you can be cold as ice.

But you also were that hot that when you wanted you were able to melt this ice and transform it into a raging cold current. I needed a thick wetsuits while canyoning in Voss and I think that I fell in love with you right there for the first time. When I was camping on that deserted island with my friends in the middle of nowhere this love just got stronger.

But what happened in the mean time? This is now two years ago and I’ve seen so much in that time. I never forgot you but replaced you with others in the mean time. Thailand was high on the list but never touched me that much as you did. It was easy to turn my back to it and walk away. I sometimes think back of those relaxed times by the beach though.

However, now I’m back and you are cold. Ice cold. But I’m ready and it doesn’t bother me at all. The contrary, your beauty during winter is just as incredible as in summer. When I look up into the sky I see all those beautiful stars. The last time I’ve seen something like this was 5 years ago in the middle of nowhere in Australia. But before you get jealous, Australia doesn’t have the Aurora Borealis. You are special Norway. Seriously! Those colors. Oh. My. God. I have no words!

And all those lovely animals you have, the dog sledding with the cute huskies in Alta and the reindeer sledding in Tromsø. Oh boy, this was incredible. After all those years that we know each other you still are able to leave me speechless and I’m sure that you have so much more to offer that you are still hiding from me. I can’t wait to visit you a third and a forth time.

I hope we can stay in touch more often now. I’d like to visit you regularly and get to know you a bit better.

I’d like to thank you Norway. You are special. You are unique. You make me feel alive!

Your Sebastian

Northern Lights in Alta in February 2013

Reindeer sledding in Tromsø in February 2013

bonfire in winter in Alta after dog sledding

husky puppies in Norway

Have you ever been to Norway? Or is Norway on your bucket list? I’m looking forward reading about it in the comments below!

Disclaimer: Thanks to visit Norway for all the support and for being so awesome! Of course all thoughts in this love letter are my personal thoughts about this amazing country and I think everybody should visit it!

I love Norway!

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34 comments on “Love Letter To Norway

  1. Júlia Büttenbender on

    Hey Sebastian, how are you? I’m a brazilian 15 years old girl and I really want to go to Norway for 3 years… I know a lot about culture and some of the language… I’m amazed by Norway.. really! haha and now, because of you, I love it even more! hehe. I’m glad that you enjoyed you trip and hope you can go there many other times.
    Best wishes

  2. Federico on

    Great post Sebastian. I loved Norway too, though not as much its prices! Nature though is second to none, and I see you also got to see the northern lights…great shot!

  3. Abby on

    Wow. I am such a warm weather soul. I have loved your Norwegian adventures though, and I love the style of this post. And hey, better you than me! I’m glad you can go see all of that beauty, and I look from afar. 🙂

  4. Petra on

    I followed your adventures already when you were in Norway the first time (was it last year or the year before?) and wanted to visit it ever since. Your love letter is so cute. I think no guy ever wrote me such a nice letter. I will definitelly plan my trip to Norway now. What can you recommend, winter or summer? I’m not much of a cold person. However, I’d love to see – as you said – see the lights dance over my head and maybe do some dog sledding. The puppies are so cute.

    Thank you so much for sharing all your wonderful adventures and your beautiful photos, they truly inspire to travel!

    • sebastian on

      Wow you must have been one of the early readers of Off The Path. How come I never saw your name before? 🙂

      You can’t actually compare Norway between Summer and Winter. They are so different from each other. Both a great. I also haven’t spent both seasons at one place. I would visit west norway again in summer and northern norway again in winter I think 🙂 But I’m sure that the landscapes of northern norway must also be incredible in summer.
      If you wear the right clothes (many layers) I swear that you will be find. I’m more of a summer person but I didn’t feel cold at all up there. When we returned to Tromsø from Alta I thought that -10 degrees are warm 🙂

  5. Jules on

    I live in New Zelaand but my grandfather was from Norway, and 11 years after my first visit, I was able to return last year. Still as beautiful and breathtaking as I remembered, still felt like home, still had a mystical beauty that is impossible to explain to those who have not been there, and my Norwegian family just as welcoming and loving as always. I can’t wait to return, hopefully longer-term.

  6. Pete on

    I have never been to Norway, but after setting foot in our first Nordic country last week, I want to see them all. I never thought I would say this, but I love the cold. I don’t know what it is about it, but it just has a way of gripping you (it’s probably the Canadian in me). I hope I have the chance someday to see Norway with my own eyes. Wonderful photos Sebastian 🙂

  7. Leigh on

    I’d read a very negative post on Oslo yesterday but this has a much more positive take on the country. Kayaking in the Lofoten Islands is still very high on my wish list.

  8. Rick Lundstrom on

    Thanks for the story. Lovely pictures. I’m Norwegian by heritage, but I’ll go there when I make my first $1 million. Otherwise: Too Expensive I can see northern lights in Minnesota.

  9. Charli l Wanderlusters on

    My father works in the oil and gas industry and was shipped out to Oslo for two years in 2009. He relished the experience and fell in love with Norwegian culture and the health conscious living. After seeing his photographs taken walking in the fjords the country went straight on my bucket list! Thanks for such a heart felt review, it’s reignited my desire to visit.

  10. Elisabeth H M on

    Great photos! I’m norwegian, and your loveletter is so cute, it’s easy to take everything for granted when you live there…guess I live in a beautiful country, thanks for reminding me. 🙂

  11. Nuno on

    First of all, Loved this love letter!

    Well, I´m much in love for the country too.. Ive been to Oslo, Bergen (including the rail line between them), Stavanger, Haugesund, Trondheim and Tromsoe. I hope to go to Longyearbyen (available now much cheaper with Norwegian).

    I also think it is a truly unique country.

  12. Weekend Roady on

    I’ve been to Norway three times – the last time was when I was 18 (31 now), though I plan to go back soon. I have family ties there through my grandma and my uncle’s family has taken up residence there recently. I’ve been out to Fagernes but had mostly stayed in Oslo with my grandparents during my time there. I’d love to get to Tromso or even as far out there as Kirkenes near Russia. Svalbard has also been on my list for awhile too.

  13. Marie on

    It’s so weird for me to read all these comments and see how many people actually want to visit Norway. But I agree, it is pretty! Your trip to the North looks amazing. I must admit I haven’t been that far North (Bodø), so I haven’t seen any raindeers yet, but I can see the Northern Lights occationally from my home town 🙂

  14. Joerund Heim on

    Ah, the more I get out and travel, the more I fall in love With my country when I come back home. The best part when I’m arriving back home is the descent Down towards Værnes (Trondheim airport) and I see the green (and fog ;P) everywhere. And curvy hills and Mountains.

    And not the least all the Space between the buildings!

    Sorry for the caps, this keyboard is weird.

    Thank you for reminding me about these moments, and I’m sure Norway misses you dearly! 😀

    Have a great day,
    Jørund Heim