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Isla de Ometepe – Hacienda Merida

[singlepic id=63 w=320 h=240 float=left] We rented two quads and a motorbike and the plan for the day was to drive up the volcano and hike to the waterfall and to do this we needed vehicles with some more horsepower than a scooter.

We rented the quads at the same place where we rented them the day before. It’s in front of the Hospedaje where we slept the night. Prices for a quad are $ 50/8 hrs. We got them for $ 10 less because we already rented them the day before.

At about noon we were ready to set off. We left Santo Domingo and followed the street to the smaller part of the island. After 5 minutes the road ended and we drove on a dirt road which was in really bad condition. Luckily we had the right vehicles. Half an hour later we took a break somewhere in the middle of nowhere. Unfortunately, while I was driving around the engine died and we couldn’t get the quad started for about 30 minutes until a man stopped with his 4×4 and helped us. He made our day! We were already thinking of going back and call it a day with the quads… In Merida we stopped again and went swimming and thereafter stopped at the “Hacienda Merida” to book a room for the next night and have lunch. At lunch we met the two aussies from Playa Hermosa, Saynee and Sean just returned from a 8 hrs hike up to the volcano.

After a good lunch we still had to drive for 20 minutes to get to the entrance of the national park. Entry was $ 3 p.P. and $ 2 per vehicle. The way up there is freaky. The altitude difference is 400 kms within 2 kms. At the steepest point I was driving in the wrong gear and while changing gears the quad overturned and Johanna and I landed on the road and the quad nearly on us. Luckily we were wearing helmets and johanna was wearing a rucksack which stopped the impact. I think I was concussed.[singlepic id=66 w=320 h=240 float=right]

Once I fixed the quad again and the engine started we continued up to the parking place and then still had to hike for half an hour. It was hot and we were sweating and in pain but the hike was worth it. We were there during the dry season which means that the waterfall wasn’t that big but there was a little pool with super fresh water and we went swimming.

We enjoyed it that much that we totally forgot to look at the time and that is why we actually had to run back to the parking place and drive back. We deposed the girls at the hacienda and then the boys and I drove back the motorbike and the two quads back to Santo Domingo. The sun was setting and we had no lights. We made it back in 20 minutes but nearly crashed once because we couldn’t see anything.

I then took the bags of the girls and mine and took a taxi back to merida. Where we spent a quiet night outside and went to bed early!

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9 comments on “Isla de Ometepe – Hacienda Merida

  1. Abby on

    Soo fun! I love how in that part of the world engine failure is so easily fixed — you just kind of hang out until someone helps. That happened to us so often!

  2. seba on

    Yes its actually really funny. While traveling to and from San Juan Del Sur the tire of both taxis exploded and there was always somebody who stopped within minutes and asked if he could help. I love this mentality!

  3. kyle on

    What a crazy adventure! And let me guess, you didn’t have to sign any waivers or anything…not like the U.S. that’s for sure 🙂

    • seba on

      Not at all. You show them your driving license and pay the rental fee and that’s it! It was a crazy adventure. And this island is a perfect place for any kind of adventure they offer quite a lot of stuff to do!

  4. Federico on

    I have such fond memories of Ometepe…I was there in 2003 and there was this local guy Juan “El ingeniero” who wanted to teach me how to shoot an AK47… him being drunk!!

    • seba on

      Haha that’s typical nica… A drunk guy gave me his horse at a bar and showed me how to handle his machete… he couldn’t even stand on his feet properly…