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Island hopping in northern Germany – Föhr

I’ve seen the world and as half Spanish and half German but I haven’t seen my own countries. In October for the first time in 13 years I visited the main land of Spain and August I visited for the very first time the north sea in northern Germany.

Föhr – the second largest North Sea island of Germany

After all the traveling in Southeast Asia I returned to Germany exhausted therefore I spontaneously decided to take some days off and drive to the North Sea. A place I have never been before.

Föhr ist the second largest North Sea Island of Germany and boy it’s beautiful. It’s only 12 by 7 kms but amazing. We had a little house rented in one of the towns on the island. From there we were only 5 minutes away from any part of the island, which was perfect!

island of four

Perfect Holiday!

For the first time in many years I had a holiday. I wasn’t traveling in Föhr. I stayed at one place and didn’t move. I had time to read books, play board games, and simply relax. Moreover, I had NO INTERNET!!! I was freaking out a little I have to admit, but I survived. It’s a crazy experience I have to tell you… not being able to know what’s going on… how sad is this! But I managed and survived. And moreover I was relaxed after a week on the island!

beach chairs in fohr, germany

Walking across the mudflats

The wadden sea is an attraction on its own. Nowhere in the world can you walk from one island to another on the ground of the sea. It’s an incredible experience and a lot of fun. On the way you find oysters with pearls in it. If they are open you are allowed to take them home… otherwise it’s not allowed and you will regret it very soon cause they start to stink pretty bad once they are dry and too long at the fresh air.

island of fohr in germany

While walking from Föhr to Amrum you might pass at a sand bank full with seals, an incredible experiencing standing in the middle of the sea about 50 meters away from seals.

How to get to Föhr

To get to Föhr you need to take the Ferry from Dagebüll to Wyk. You can take your car on the island since there is a street going around the island.

Have you ever been in northern Germany? Maybe even on a German island? Would you consider visiting one of them? We are looking forward to your opinion in the comments below!

island of fohr in germany

dijk in fohr in germany

sunset at island of fohr in germany

Sunset at fohr island in germany

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23 comments on “Island hopping in northern Germany – Föhr

  1. Alex on

    I’m surprised you survived a week sans internet… you are braver than I! I wish there was a way to let myself have “fun” internet time on vacation but I always feel pressured to work.

  2. fotoeins | Henry on

    Deine Fotos gefallen mir sehr: bunt und auch dramatisch. 🙂

    I’ve been wanting to see *more* of the North Sea and Baltic Sea coastline ever since I visited Lübeck and Travemunde a few years ago. As Raymond points above and as I also saw at Travemunde, I’m a fan of the Strandkörbe. At some point, I’d like to visit Rügen.

    An ideal time would be summer, but I think that winter would be just as beautiful with far fewer people around.

  3. Kate on

    My grandfather came from there in the 1800’s. These are hardy people…Vikings…producing up to 20 children back in the day. So much so that there was no longer room for them all, they left in great numbers, and you will now find thousands upon thousands of them in the San Francisco Bay Area, where many businesses and place names/streets are named after them, and most specifically around the Petaluma/Santa Rosa area.

  4. Mary Louise Petersen on

    My father was from Fohr, and I have been a few times. Very relaxing and quiet. I have beautiful beach memories from when I was there as a child. Hope to get back some day with my own children.