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Oktoberfest – A Small Guide to Stein, Haxn & Pretzels

I had to get up at 4 AM in a little town outside of Munich. You might think that I woke up somewhere after the Oktoberfest, but no! I was just about to go there!

The thing was, that I decided to visit the Oktoberfest on very short notice, all hostels were full and the hotels wanted prices that even if I would have so much money I would be to mean to pay this. For that reason I asked a friend who lived in a little town about 40 minutes away from Munich.

So first lesson, if you want to go to Munich, book in advance. A long time in advance!

If you haven’t reserved, be there early!

At about 5.30 we were in the city and made our way to the Theresienwiese, the area where the Oktoberfest is held every year. To our surprise we weren’t the only ones, already a couple of 20 people were waiting in front of the first tents that were about to open in about 2 hours. About an hour before the tents were opening its doors hundreds where cuddling together cause they underestimated the cold in the morning and where waiting for the longest drinking day of the year to start.

On the opening day beer isn’t served until noon!

What most people didn’t know was, that when you are there at the opening day and that the beer wouldn’t be served until noon until the mayor would tap the first beer of the Oktoberfest.

At 8 AM each tent opens its door from all four sites and thousands of people will push their way forward to get one of the tables in the tent. This is why if you can, you should always reserve a table in one of the tents.  At the end of this post you can find a list of some of the biggest tents where you already can reserve a table for next year!

7 million liters of beer in 16 days!

After 12 PM when the mayor tapped the first beer the party finally starts, hundreds and thousands of beer go through the tents into the stomachs of millions of visitors. During the 16 days that the Oktoberfest lasts they serve around 7 million liters of beers.

You will probably travel with new and old friends to the Oktoberfest. Make sure that you take care of each other and defend you table. Once you leave your seat to go to the toilet or to get something to eat, somebody else will probably try to take it… make sure that you and your friends stay together and take care of each other!

I know you want it, chuck a beer in front of everyone and be the next YouTube star!

If you like to be in the center of attention, try to chug a stein of beer. Simply stand on the table and try to get the attention of the tables around you, the crowd will automatically pay attention to you and will support you by screaming and clapping…

Hungry? The food is pretty good too!

If you get hungry try the Haxn (ham hock) or a Schweinebraten (roasted pork). The Haxnbraterei is famous for its Ham Hocks. But remember that if you leave your table it will never be yours again. Better to eat the things they offer in your tent. Just go to another tent the next days if you are capable of drinking liters of beer in two days…

It might surprise you, but going there once is actually enough!

Most locals only go once or twice during the 16 days. The tourists on the other hand think that a week isn’t even enough for it. After two or three days of endless liters of alcohol and party your body will tell you to stop… I’d recommend to visit Munich for a couple of days and visit the Oktoberfest on your first and maybe the last day of your visit. It’s more than enough to go for one day!

Have you heard of the Italian weekend?

The craziest time to visit the Oktoberfest is the weekend between the opening and the closing weekend. It’s called the Italien Weekend. During this weekend, thousands of Italians are coming with buses to the Oktoberfest. The German Police even asks the Gendarmerie of Italy to come and help them due to the number of Italians in Munich! This folk is a lot of fun to party with!

Doest the Oktoberfest cost money?

YES. A lot of money if you drink a lot! Otherwise, like any other party! A Stein of beer is getting more expensive every year. Right now the price for a stein of beer at the Oktoberfest is between € 9,10 and € 9,50.

On the other hand the entrance the Oktoberfest is for free. There is no entrance fee for the area nor for the tents.

How to get to the Oktoberfest!

Munich is easily accessible from anywhere. American Airlines flies several times daily to Germany.

If you decide to drive by Train check the train connections of Deutsche Bahn. They have an overview of nearly all trains in Europe.

If you want to stop in Munich during a roadtrip, check the ADAC Stauplaner for accidents, construction sites and traffic jam.

Contacts for reserving a table at Oktoberfest

  •  Augustiner-Festhalle
Manfred und Thomas Vollmer OHG 
Augustiner Großgaststätten
Neuhauser Str. 27
80331 München
Tel.: +49-89-23 18 32 66
Fax: +49-89-2 60 53 79
  • Armbrustschützen-Festhalle
Peter Inselkammer KG
”Platzl Hotel”
Sparkassenstraße 12
80331 München
Tel.: +49-89-23 70 37 03
Fax: +49-89-23 70 37 05
  • Fischer-Vroni 
Karl Winter OHG
Hans Stadtmüller 
Konradinstraße 8
81543 München
Tel.: +49-89-66 10 42
Fax: +49-89-65 25 34
  • Hackerbräu-Festhalle
Münchener Gaststättenbetriebe Anton und Christine Roiderer GbR
Gasthof zum Wildpark
Tölzer Str. 2
82064 Straßlach
Tel.: +49-8170-73 03
Fax: +49-8170-73 85
  • Hippodrom
Josef Krätz Hippodrom e.K.
Weinstr. 7a
80333 München
Tel.: +49-89-29 16 46 46
Fax: +49-89-29 54 42
  • Hofbräu-Festzelt
Hofbräufestzelt Steinberg OHG
Innere Wiener Str. 19
81667 München
Tel.:+49-89-448 96 70
Fax: +49-89-448 35 87
  • Käfer Wies’n Schänke
Feinkost Käfer GmbH
Prinzregentenstr. 73
81675 München
Tel.: +49-89-4 16 83 56
Fax: +49-89-4 16 88 80
  • Kufflers Weinzelt
Kuffler Weinzelt GmbH
Roland und Stephan Kuffler
Residenzstr. 12
80333 München
Tel.: +49-89-29 07 05 17
Fax +49-89-24 24 38 81
  • Löwenbräu-Festhalle
Gaststätten Betriebs OHG
Ludwig Hagn und Stephanie Spendler
Einsteinstr. 42
81675 München
Tel.: +49-89-47 76 77
Fax: +49-89-4 70 58 48
  • Paulanerbräu (Winzerer Fähndl)
Winzerer Fähndl Pongratz GmbH
Peter und Arabella Pongratz
Paulaner Keller
Hochstr. 77
81541 München
Tel.: +49-89-62 17 19 10
Fax: +49-89-62 17 19 19
  • Pschorrbräu-Festhalle (Bräurosl)
Heide-Volm GmbH & Co. KG 
Georg und Renate Heide
Bahnhofstraße 51
82152 Planegg
Tel.: +49-89-89 55 63 53
Fax: +49-89-89 55 63 56
  • Schottenhamel-Festhalle
Festhalle Schottenhamel OHG
Nymphenburger Str. 139
80636 München
Tel.: +49-89-54 46 93 10
Fax: +49-89-54 46 93 19
  • Schützen-Festhalle
Gastronomiegetriebe Reinbold KG
Gaststätte Franziskaner
Perusastr. 5
80333 München
Tel.: +49-89-23 18 12 24
Fax: +49-89-23 18 12 44
  • Spatenbräu-Festhalle (Ochsenbraterei)
Ochsenbraterei Haberl OHG
Hermann und Anneliese Haberl und Antje Schneider
Englischer Garten 3
80538 München
Tel.: +49-89-38 38 73 12
Fax: +49-89-38 38 73 40

 Have you ever been to the Oktobefest or are you planning to go? Share your opinion with us in the comments below!


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16 comments on “Oktoberfest – A Small Guide to Stein, Haxn & Pretzels

  1. Andrew on

    Been there once years ago at 11am on a Wednesday. That was plenty crowded and loud for me. No more. I’m happier in my home pub in Freiburg with my own table and space to breath. Yet like most things, it is probably worth seeing once in your life.

  2. Caanan @ No Vacation Required on

    > 7 million liters of beer in 16 days!

    With that much beer being served, I would expect to see some information about how to find the toilets!

  3. Emily in Chile on

    Great tips! It all sounds a little overwhelming, so I think going prepared and having a table reserved would be key.

  4. Alex on

    Last year, I attended Oktoberfest in Phnom Penh, Cambodia! It was such a trip, I loved it 🙂 I don’t even think the real thing could compare now!

  5. Gabrielle Design on

    Great article and wonderful pictures. It sounds to be a really crowded place. I would surely love to visit this place in the near future. Thanks for the tips will keep in mind to reserve much in advance.

  6. Jackson Jack on

    As mentioned in one of the posts, I also visited Oktoberfest last year. I had an unforgettable time there. It was out of this world. I had never imagined such a thing. I enjoyed the trip very much. But I really had a hell of time trying to find a hotel. I hope I had some information before hand.

  7. Dave on

    Great guide. Having been the past three years, it’s really sad I’m not able to go this year. Word of Advice: If you try to chug a beer, finish it. You’ll get booed like crazy if you fail.