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Review + Giveaway: Aircontact Pro from Deuter

During the last weeks I have traveled around with a new backpack, the Aircontact Pro from Deuter.

When I travel, it is important that I have a backpack that is comfortable, easy to use and not too heavy since most airlines restrict their baggage limit to 20 kilos. Of course it should be as cheap as possible but when you invest in a Backpack quality should be more important.

Aircontact Pro Deuter

The Deuter Aircontact has it all; it is comfortable, easy to use and not too heavy.

The Deuter Aircontact Backpack surprises with its quality. It has big pockets with big zippers and the nylon feels of high quality. The ability to have a front opening and being able to open your backpack like a suitcase is a huge advantage to access all the things you need without having to unpack everything.

The backpack is divided into three parts; in the bottom you will find a pocket where you can store things like your sleeping bag or shoes. The main part is perfect for all your clothes. In order to keep the things at their right place there is a removable separator for ideal gear access and load placement. The upper part is the detachable lid, which can quickly be transformed into a daypack due to the extra straps.

The hip fins are very comfortable and flexible and help you to balance all the weight on your hips instead on your shoulders and keep providing you the freedom of movement.

Another positive aspect of this backpack is that it has many straps that help you to adjust everything. You can adjust the fitting of the backpack on your shoulders and around your hips, the ventilation and stabilization, the load and many more things; simply everything!

One very positive and helpful feature was the little pocket on the waist belt where I was able to store my phone and some other little things. That way it was always close to me and easy accessible.

deuter aircontact pro

Extra Daypack

If you don’t want to carry too many bags with you when you travel but need also a day pack, you can take of the upper pocket and transform it into a daypack. This can be a huge advantage if you don’t want to carry too much stuff around on your travels but need a small bag when being somewhere for a while or doing some sightseeing and need something to carry your camera and/or guidebook.

In case you should travel in rainy season in South East Asia or in a storm somewhere else, the backpack also has a rain cover. It will definitely keep your belongings dry!

Perfect Balance

I tested most of the features, except the rain cover, during the last weeks and I’m very impressed by the quality of this backpack. I was wearing it for three days, 12 hours a day and had no sore shoulders or anything the days after! The backpack balances the weight perfectly on your hips!

The Deuter AirContact Pro starts at $275. A good price for the quality you get!

Off-The-Path Turns One Year And Gives Away A Free Backpack!

Would you like one of these great Backpacks? The great people at Deuter have been so nice and gave me a second backpack to give away for free. If you think you could use an amazing Deuter 50+15 AirContact Pro Backpack then follow these simple rules:

Step 1: Head over to the Facebook Page of Deuter and give them a Like

Step 2: Head over to my own Facebook Page and like it & if you are on Twitter also follow me there.

Step 3: Tell me in the comments on this page where you would go with your new Deuter AirContact Pro!

Good Luck!


We have chosen a random winner. Lauren T. Bates won the new Aircontact Pro from Deuter! Enjoy your travels around California and Canada!

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36 comments on “Review + Giveaway: Aircontact Pro from Deuter

  1. Miriam on

    I would use my new Aircontact Pro Backpack from Deuter for my trip to South America, New Zealand and Australia (Sep-May). 🙂 RTW here I come!
    Cheers, Miri 🙂

  2. Russ on

    Oh man! We’ve been on the road now for about 11 months and we were forced to buy a couple of cheap Northface knock-off backpacks in Laos. They SUCK! Well, my wife’s is holding steady but I got a lemon and now my shoulder strap and my waist belt are both being held together with duct tape. (By the way, if there are any readers out there planning travel right now, BRING DUCT TAPE!)

    We’re currently in Ecuador and stretching our cash as we slowly make it back to California through the rest of South and Central America. Hoo boy, would this back be highly welcomed.

    And, above all, thanks for the opportunity, too!

    Happy travels.

    Russ (and Michelle)

  3. Anja on

    At the moment I am staying in Indonesia and would like to explore as much as possible of this amazing country with my new Deuter Aircontact Pro. After I have finished my internship here, I will travel through South East Asia up to Hong Kong 😉

  4. Ines on

    I could really use the backpack for traveling to New Zealand in September for my 6 months internship where I’m planning to see as much of the country as possible. I would also take the backpack on a one week vacation to Fiji, a 5 week journey through Australia and a stop in Singapore on the way back home to Germany for a couple of days 🙂
    Greets, Ines

  5. Wesley tiffany on

    I would be using it in the backcountry of Yosemite, I have a backpack now but one of zipper already came off after one thirty miles trip. I need one that will last in the conditions that happen in Yosemite

  6. Leigh on

    I’d used the Deuter pack – and I have a small one already – to backpack in Yoho National Park this summer. I love the fact that the rain cover is built in. Brilliant design for a place like Canada.

  7. Camels & Chocolate on

    I’m more of a rolling suitcase girl myself, but I do like all these compartments. Hey, you never know, owning one might change my mind! =)

  8. Chris on

    I’ll go to Chile for my semester abroad and I guess when traveling in South America a backpack like that could come in more than handy! Take care Seba 😉

  9. Nicole W on

    The question isn’t where I would go. The question is where wouldn’t I go? I’m in the process of planning a round the trip and am only starting to realize all the places I actually want to see! I would go to Iceland, western Europe, Southern Africa, Tanzania, Australia, Thailand, Indonesia, and New Zealand! But that’s just this trip! I want to go to South America and see a culture completely different than the one I see in Canada. I want to visit every country, no matter how big or small. With this pack I can go and do what I want, and change the world.

  10. Lo on

    As a fairly new travel blogger, I’ve been on the hunt for THE perfect backpack – up until now, I’ve been using rollies, which work well domestically, but won’t do the trick for a solo trip abroad – and when I saw this one on your Instagram, it looked pretty darn great to me! I’m planning my first-ever backpacking trip to Nepal, India and Thailand later this year, and this seems to have everything a traveling gal could as for!

  11. Lauren T. Bates on

    This sounds like a great backpack. I would go and travel from San Diego to Alaska. I always wanted to see the west coast of my country and Canada has also been a big dream of mine. Thank you for the opportunity and happy birthday!

  12. Helen Lear on

    I’m heading to New Zealand soon and after traveling in a van for the last couple of years I am apprehensive about carrying my life in a bag again! I’ve developed Lupus (an auto-immune condition causing symptoms similar to athritis) and I need to make sure I choose a quality rucksack with the best support and weight distribution. This one from Deuter sounds fantastic! Especially the added daypack. Happy 1st Birthday and here’s to many more.


  13. mina on

    That is one “droolable” backpack :). Your description made me drool. If I get one, I will use that to be my new partner when I get to India this July and on my first trip 1st quarter of next year until it gets old 10 years after then, I’ll stop travelling, too. Or maybe not. If I pity my boyfriend enough, I’ll give it to him as a gift. He’s been travelling for 15 years and only changed backpacks twice. He’s current one is also a Deuter. I’ll buy myself a Deuter, too unless you’ll give me two! Hahaha!

  14. Erica on

    I LOVE my Deuter. We were thinking of ditching Shaun’s Osprey and buying HIM one. We’re taking ours to Iceland and Europe in the fall! 😀

  15. Erika on

    I would go to Nepal, my boyfriend wants to go to the ZipFlyer from HighGroundAdventures 😀 and Im really excited about that 😀

  16. Jess on

    All over the world! But the first stop would be Malaysia/Borneo! I’ve been itching to discover the rest of Southeast Asia..and since my current pack has holes in it and is falling apart, this would be a godsend!! 😀

  17. TammyOnTheMove on

    Oh, I could do with a new backpack. Mine is so battered. I’d use it for my long anticipated trip to South America next year, as it seems big enough for plenty of warm clothes and a sleeping bag. That detachable daypack is handy. You don’t normally get these on toploader backpacks.

  18. Anna on

    If I had that incredible Deuter Aircontact I would wear it on my journey to knock off things on my lifelist. I would wear it zipling through the jungle in Brazil, trying strange delicacies in Tokyo, sailing in the Caribbean&camping on beautiful tropical islands, spending a night at the North Pole, boating on the amazon, floating in the dead sea, swimming with whale sharks off of Mexico, walking the Great Wall of China, feeling the spray of the elegant veil of Angel Falls in Venezuela, window shopping in Paris, snorkeling in the great barrier reef, seeing snake charmers up close in Thailand, taking a train across Canada, dancing in India, fishing in Alaska, hiking in the Swiss Alps, and climbing Machu Pichu in Peru. Just to start, of course!

  19. Sanja on

    In two weeks I am going to Argentina for five weeks.It would be phenomenal to have this backpack while visiting Patagonia and other places in the country. Next year I could use it for my 4week trip to Spain. Or I could just gift it to my fiance who refuses to carry suitcases and loves backpacks like Deuter 🙂

  20. Valerie Theberge on

    I would use my new Aircontact Pro Backpack from Deuter for my trip to Canada in the province of Quebec!

  21. Kathrin on

    As my last one got wasted in Asia last year, I could use the new Deuter backpack for basically any travels in the future, preferable Asia again, South Africa or West USA.

  22. Esther on

    I would like to first cross USA and then travel down to South America. Starting in Quito, I will make my way down the West Coast of South America hitting Lima, Lake Titiccaca down to Salt Lake and further to Santiago. From hereon I will travel up the East Coast hitting Buenos Aires, Iguassu Falls, further up to Sao Paulo and finishing in Rio de Janeiro. A comfortable, efficient Backpack would make this trip so much more fun. (Way better then my old… 🙁 Therefore, it would fit perfect for my trip starting August 2012 ending February 2012 with many more adventures to come 🙂

  23. Cecelia Anderson on

    I would follow your footsteps and travel south east Asia if I manage to safe enough money. If not I would travel around California or travel to Mexico. Anyhow, it would be great to finally own a great backpack and the Deuter sounds amazing!!!