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San Juan Del Sur

While I was visiting sue at Redonda Bay in Gigante, Nicaragua I left a couple of days to see the country and other cities.

As Redonda Bay is situated in the middle of nowhere I called a taxi agency in Rivas and a driver came to pick me up. Miguel was a Cuban living in Nicaragua already for more than 10 years. It’s $ 80 a one-way trip for the 1 hour drive down south. As there is no direct costal street for the 22 km between Gigante and San Juan del Sur you have to go all the way inlands to Rivas and then drive south.

I think that taking a boat would be faster and way more fun. My driver was very talkative and so he told me half of his life during the drive. He hates Nicaragua and the people and totally regrets that he left Cuba back in 1999. He said that Nicas are a rude bunch of people and its all about money. Making friends he said would be very difficult in this country.

Between Redonda Bay and Tola there is a long dirt road. Miguel told me that he hates driving on that road because all the trucks regularly loose materials which they are transporting for the construction sites. He said that he often had his tires explode on this road because there are so many nails lying around. And so it comes, that while overtaking a school bus a big bang was heard beneath the car. The next mechanic is in Rivas, so you can imagine how slow we drove all the way to there. We had to stop and change tire. 20 minutes and a new tire later we were able to set of the journey to SJDS. During the drive he kept talking about his life and how much he hates everything and that his dream is to go to live in the US but the only way to get there is being there “Mojado” which is their expression for being somewhere illegal.

And then just before arriving SJDS we killed a snake. Poor thing. I saw it crawling on the street but it looked like that he didn’t!

The one hour ride turned out to be nearly 2 hours because of our stop at the mechanic. In SJDS I booked a room in the Guest House “La Teraza”. It is a great place and very quiet. It is a little bit more expensive than a hostel but totally worth it. It reminds you more of sharing an apartment with others than staying in a hostel/hotel.It has a big kitchen/dining area/living room with a nice balcony and a roof top terrace from where you can see the ocean. The price p.P. is $14 but you have to pay for two if you sleep alone in one room because they all are double rooms.

SJDS is a small town of 15.000 habitants which totally depends on tourism and mainly on backpackers and surfers. At every corner you can see surf shops and hostels offering surging trips to different beaches.

A old lady at a grocery store told me to leave everything at home if I decide to go to the beach or out at night because it is very dangerous and people often get robbed.

On my first night I shared the floor with 5 girls from Seattle and they asked me if I wanted to join them for dinner at a restaurant. I decided to give it a go and we went to eat at the “Colibri”. Its situated behind the curch at the park and it has Mediterranean cuisine. I had a fillet mignon with vodka and bacon sauce. It was absolutely delicious.

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