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Songkran 2012 in Bangkok, Thailand

It was hot, very very hot! When I left my apartment on Friday afternoon I felt like a heat wave hit me but about two minutes later I was feeling fine… I was already soaked in water! This was my first Songkran and I immediately knew I would love it! I heard a little bit about it but wasn’t really sure what to expect of the Thai new year celebration.  I’ve heard as many others, that it’s a massive water festival where they throw water at each other and put powder on each others faces but what I was about to experience the 3 days following was something totally beyond expectations!

Once you left the house, you got wet!

So here I was, wet at the corner of my street on my way to the Metro station. Luckily, the strict Thais aren’t that strict during Songkran as everybody is wet and in a good mood and I was allowed to get on the train. I drove to Silom where I first bought myself two big water guns before meeting up with friends. Of course, I had just set one foot out of the station again and I had a bucket of water thrown at me… I loved it and couldn’t wait to get my hands on these guns and fill them up with some water!!!

I quickly met with my friends and I was ready for a wicked day with a lot of water and action! We walked down Silom Road towards Sala Daeng and I felt like a little boy. All of a sudden I was 20 years younger, in fact everybody was a little boy again! The firefighters connected their hoses with the hydrants and joined the crowed from their truck!

Shoot the Firefighter!

We quickly started a game called “shoot the firefighter” and of course he shot back with his hose, which was a little painful but awesome at the same time!!! Guess who won… it wasn’t us 🙂

After 4 hours of action, we moved to the nearby Lumphini Park where we rested until sunset and went all home to change before meeting again at night!!

Songkran at Kaoh San Road

The next day we did exactly the same at Kaoh San Road. Kaoh San Road is crazier than Silom and full with Thais and Tourists/Backpackers. Unfortunately, they have check points where they check the bags of people but not the number of people entering the zone, which means that the streets are crowded and sometimes you couldn’t even move. It wasn’t very nice in the crowd. We quickly moved away from the crowd and found shelter in a restaurant from where we shot everybody in the crowd. It was fun cause most weren’t able to shoot back cause they couldn’t move enough!!!

At the Kaoh San Road they had many stages from big brands where DJ’s and artists performed. It was a huge party!!! To top up the day, we decide that a pool party would be the best alternative to end this amazing day!

For the first time in 3 months in Bangkok I was looking forward to a hot shower. After hours outside and getting shot with ice-cold water you start to feel very cold, even though outside temperature is over 30 degrees.

I hope you liked the trailer of the action we had during Songkran!

Have you ever been to Songkran in Thailand? How did you like it?

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8 comments on “Songkran 2012 in Bangkok, Thailand

  1. Christy @ Technosyncratic on

    I’m so bummed we left Thailand before we could experience Songkran. I’m sure it’s not pleasant to get water in your eyes or sprayed with ice-cold water, but it would be fun to experience otherwise! 🙂