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Stopover in Dubai

Every time I fly to the east I most of the time fly with Emirates and therefore have a stopover in Dubai. When I’m not on a busy schedule I try to stay in the emirate for a day or two just to relax and enjoy this crazy artificial city in the middle of the desert.

I think Dubai is one of these cities where you can do anything at anytime, except drinking maybe! The last times I’ve been there I enjoyed a hookah and tea with the view over the famous Burj Al Arab or did a dessert safari with huge 4×4.

It’s impressive, even though I’m always happy to leave again. I think there is nothing worse than being in transit and in Dubai you mostly have about 5-6 hours of transit. So why don’t travel a day or two longer and use it to see a new city or country.

This way you could also consider it as a future holiday destination. Where you spent a couple of days in a beautiful hotel at the beach like the Burj Al Arab or in downtown Dubai next to some of the biggest malls in the world.  Travelbag Dubai holidays are very diverse and offer a mix of beach and city holidays in the Emirat.

So what could you do during a holiday in Dubai?

Go shopping at the many markets in the city

Dubai is known for it’s huge malls with the biggest indoor ski slopes or huge aquariums but it also has some old traditional markets where you can find amazing spices and local gems. Two of the markets are Gold Souk and Spice Souk. They are part of the city since it’s origin. They are both at the mouth of the creek.

No Market Fan, You Still Have The Biggest Malls Around…

If that is too hot for you can still go from mall to mall. Dubai has plenty of them and you can easily spent a week walking through them. Some of the biggest are Mall of Dubai, Mall of Emirates, Mercato andTown center Jumeirah. Remember to be dressed right and also remember that it’s pretty cold in the malls due to the AC.

The latest highlight is pretty high

After all this shopping you might want to take it a little slower. How about enjoy the view over this incredible city? Visit the Burj Khalifa for a ride in their super fast elevator up to 452 meters to the highest observation deck in the world.

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