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Take A Cruise: 3 Cruises That Can Be A Real Adventure

Cruises probably aren’t the preferred way of traveling for travelers. Mostly because you think that when you take a cruise you would be locked up on board of one of those huge cruise ships for days and the things to do are limited.

The thing is:

In my opinion, we have the wrong perception about cruise ships. Like traveling in general there are many ways and styles you can take a cruise and there are many ways you can book a great cruise and have a trip of a lifetime. It doesn’t always have to be the luxury option or the all inclusive option. You will find many cruise ships that offer budget option like in the Galapagos.

However, when it comes to the price of cruises, you have to consider, that the total price is more or less the total price of your trip. Because when you travel and live on a ship you won’t have many more expenses on your trip.

I have already taken over 3 big cruises and been part of many small cruises around the world and love to move on a boat. Therefore, I thought it would be a great idea to make a list of great cruises you could consider taking in the future.

3 Cruises that can be a real adventure:

Antarctica Cruises

Take a Cruise to Antartica

Ever wanted to see the ice covered fields of the Antartica? There is no easy way to get here and the best way to get an awesome experience would be by taking one of the many Antartica cruises.

You’ll get to see the abundant marine life, kayak between the icebergs or walk on beaches with thousands of penguins. A cruise across the Drake Passage from southern Argentina to Antartica is an incredible adventure.

The average cruise to Antartica takes about 14 days and costs between $10.000 and $25.000 per Person.

Galapagos Cruises

Take a cruise to galapagos

The galapagos are known for being one of the places with the most diverse flora and fauna around the world. Most of the plants and animals you will find on the galapagos are native and you won’t find them anywhere else on our beautiful planet. This already demands to take a cruise around the Galapagos islands.

There are many providers that offer cruises around the islands. From budget to luxury you will find it all.

You usually fly into the Galapagos from Quito in Ecuador and land either in San Cristobal or Santa Cruz. Tours around the Galapagos take between 6 and 14 days and cost between $2000 and $6000 per Person.

Papua New Guinea Cruises

Take a Cruise to papua new guinea

Shark Feed by Barry Peters 

Papua New Guinea is yet very undiscovered and difficult to get to. Once there getting around might be difficult. Until a few years ago, to get to experience the many different islands, travelers had to do island hopping with the mail boats that would transport everything between the islands.

The nature in Papua New Guinea is still very untouched and worth a visit.

Since a few years you will also find dedicated cruise ships that will take you closer to the culture of the Papuans.

Many ships to Papua New Guinea also leave from Northern Australia, either from Cairns or Darwin, and take around 10 days starting at $5000 per Person.

Have you ever taken a cruise to one of those destinations? Where would you like to take a cruise to?

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3 comments on “Take A Cruise: 3 Cruises That Can Be A Real Adventure

  1. Jacqueline on

    Those cruises sound great. I went on a cruise through Ha Long Bay in Vietnam. It was spectacular. We stayed on a traditional junk boat and spent three days sailing through the limestone islands.

  2. Beate on

    I was lucky, I only paid 750 € for a fantastic one week cruise around Galapagos in 2011. How? I organised it myself instead of using a travel agency. And you can also fly there easily from Guayaquil. Booked the flights only few days in advance.
    Antartica is on my list, still need to save “some” cash. 🙂