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#TBEX in Gerona – A Wrap Up

I finally had time to sleep more than two hours! I’m still exhausted but I think that I’m finally in a mindset that I can put down my thoughts on paper, I mean on the net…

I’ve spent the last week in my beautiful home country Spain. I was overwhelmed by the hospitality by Tourism Costa Brava and I have to admit I am missing the Jamon Iberico already! They took incredibly good care of us and the opening party was pretty good even though I arrived a little too late…

So what is TBEX all about?

During the day we were at the Conference Center of Gerona and listened to more or less interesting sessions.

The only reason I’m saying less interesting sessions is because the focus of the sessions was more on newbie bloggers who have just started their blogs and I’m sure they must have learned a whole lot by the sessions. I wish had attended a conference like TBEX when I started blogging. It would have made things so much easier!

Where do you want to go?

As Juno from Runaway Juno says, it is very important that you know what your goals are. And it never was so clear for me like today a couple of days after the TBEX conference. Besides of writing stories for this blog and some others I have a successful marketing consultancy business where I know what I want to achieve and I know how to get there. I audit myself regularly. But just because the blogging is a “professional hobby” I never did that before… I just write and hope that somebody reads it… but my numbers say since a long time that I should take it to another level… and that is what I got out of the TBEX conference… a totally new perspective to blogging!

ROI in Blogging?

A very interesting session and in my opinion the most valuable of all was the one by Keith Jankins, Melvin Bötcher and William Bakker.

They’ve talked about the Return Of Investment of Bloggers. Since it’s such a young business it is hard to talk about numbers. Keith and Melvin came up with a formula that was heavily discussed at the end of the session. Some people don’t agree with the importance of Twitter and some other things… The formula might still be vague and might need to be adjusted to certain groups of bloggers but the idea is great to have a formula where companies and DMO’s can defend the reason to invite travel bloggers on trips.

A comment I loved was from William who said that Hotels always ask about the ROI of Bloggers and how to measure that. His answer was: “You cannot measure the ROI of a blogger, like you cannot measure the ROI of the furniture in your hotel lobby.”

Let’s talk about the money, money, money…

I missed that. I missed a session where some of the big guys in travel blogging explained how to make some money with your travel blog but more important how much can a blogger with PR 1, PR2, PR3 ask for a link, a review or whatever!

Overall I had a great time and too much wine…

I had a fantastic time in Gerona and I really appreciated to meet all these fantastic bloggers out there. If you would like to follow some of them check my Friends page. The conference was good, the after conference talks were great!!!

As I said before, the conference is focusing a lot on newbie bloggers and the reason the session where so general might have to do with the fact that Travel Blogging is a very young business and the data is just not out there. However, conferences like TBEX will become more important in the future and it’s so good to know and meet all these great people!

Last but not least, I’d like to thank the very slow bartenders at River Café for making the nights unforgettable and also big thanks to Miquel, the owner of River Café, for ordering more bottles of my wine after the second night!!

Moltes Gracies Costa Brava per aquesta setmana que no olvidare! 🙂


P.S.: Oh, and before I forget, read the post by Will Peach of 5 Ways TBX Could Have Been Better!!! And thanks to Tripbutler for the their portable wifi device for letting me Tweet, Facebook and Instagram the whole time! 
Photo credit: All Photos by TBEX Facebook Page! 

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12 comments on “#TBEX in Gerona – A Wrap Up

  1. crazy sexy fun traveler on

    I agree with you on all this. TBEX was really useful for new bloggers but not so much for us who have been blogging for a while. The should divide sessions into basic and advanced etc next time 😉
    Btw do u realize we never got to talk there???

  2. Emma Gray on

    I would also like to thank the incredibly slow bartenders. If they hadn’t been quite so slow I would have been even drunker than I was each night. Also…the shots the first night we were in there? Bad idea!

  3. Gary Bembridge on

    Interesting reading the points above It was my first TBEX – or any bloggers conference – though been blogging since 2005. I found it really interesting, but think that was I had not heard the debates before. But guessing if people been to a few and been engaged in the topic it would have felt more basic. Having multiple and more targeted streams is a great idea either way!

  4. Andrea on

    I found the sessions to be too basic too and the keynotes not particularly inspiring but the networking events were great. Sorry we didn’t get to meetup!