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Temple Bar, Dublin

Dublin, Ireland

Temple Bar

The cultural quarter of Dublin today is very popular among locals and tourists at the same time. Barra an Tempail how Temple Bar is called in Irish today is home to many museums, schools and banks. When the sun sets the quarter transforms in a lively party area with many pubs that often have life music.

A crazy mix of locals and foreigners shape the character of this attractive quarter. At night most people focus on Fleet St, where most pubs, restaurants and nightclubs are located.

Temple Bar

Where to go

Some good pubs include:

  • The Porterhouse
  • The Oliver St. John Gogarty Pub
  • The Temple Bar
  • Copperface Jacks

Prices in Ireland are about 30 % more expensive than in countries like Germany, Netherlands or Austria. For a pint of Guinness you can expect to pay about 4-5 €, same counts for a pint of lager.

If you prefer mixed drinks be ready to pay a ridiculous amount of money. Gin Tonic is on average about 9 €.

Interesting bunch of people

Visiting Temple Bar while in Dublin is totally worth it. The stories you hear people telling about crazy and friendly Irish who just like to enjoy their beer and dance the night away are all real and absolutely fun when you are around them. Expect to meet interesting people from all around the world having a great night out!

Have you visited Temple Bar while visiting Dublin? Did you like it?

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17 comments on “Temple Bar, Dublin

  1. The Travel Chica on

    Never been, but Dublin sounds like a fun city. I’ll have to save up my money though if I have to pay that much for a pint 🙂

    • seba on

      It’s insane but not the most expensive in Europe! In Scandinavia you can pay up to 8-9 € for a beer!!! But Dublin is worth a stop!

  2. Camels & Chocolate on

    I went here way back in 2003 when I was studying abroad in Edinburgh and we hopped over to Ireland for a holiday. Funny enough, the girl I went there with is actually flying in from Minnesota tonight to visit me, too! LOVE IRELAND.

  3. Wanderlust Marriage on

    As relatively new Dubliners, we recommend cafe Carlisle on Burgh Quay near o’connell for cocktails for a fiver. Messrs Maguire, right next door has pints for 4 of beers they brew themselves, and if you want a really good pint if Guinness you won’t find it in Temple bar, try finding a dive pub with older men drinking Guinness, and it will be a great craic in there any way!

  4. ann-marie patterson on

    Been to Dublin a few times and enjoyed every minute of it always something to keep you entertained always ended up back in gohartys for the music, there is always a mix of nationalities but always fun. Paying the price for the drinks just goes towards the experience of Dublin 10/10 I LOVE IT