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Travel and Work: How to Finance your Travels with a Nomadic Job

Are you also dreaming of traveling? If possible forever and see the whole world? You want to travel and are looking for a way of financing your trips? “Travel and Work” and exactly in that order!

I’ve already been traveling my whole life and been moving from one place to another as an expat. From Spain I moved to Austria when I was 13, then Germany and with 18 I moved to Australia. From there I went to the Netherlands to study and did an exchange year in Bulgaria followed by a year as a marketing consultant in Thailand. At the moment I move between Berlin and Sweden and I’m writing this article from San Juan Del Sur in Nicaragua.

That’s 9 countries that I lived in. Furthermore I’ve traveled to more than 50 countries during the last few years and all that with my MacBook Pro in my bag!

digital nomad 2

You ask yourself how I’m doing this? How can I earn money and travel the world? 

I’ll tell you… it’s not a big secret:


You need a lot of discipline. While others lay on the beach you have to work… while others sunbath, you sit in front of your MacBook and write the next Blogpost, the next chapter in your next book or answer support mails of your online course.

I’ve learned the discipline over the year but even today I still have problems to really focus on the work while others have fun around me… My boss is a really cool guy and lets me do whatever I want whenever I want… I’m my own boss and this since almost three years now and I’m only 25!

And you can do this too… You ask how? How can I earn money and travel the world?

There are many ways to earn money while traveling. I want to show you the different ways you could choose to finance yourself a nomadic lifestyle of traveling the world while making a decent income:

Advantages of Location-Independent Work 

The advantages are obvious: you can work from anywhere and move freely. You can work from a co-working space in Berlin or, as we do, from a small and beautiful hotel in San Juan Del Sur in Nicaragua. You aren’t bound to a desk or cubicle in a smelly office where you have to spend at least 8 hours a day.

You can decide for yourself if you want to work and stay in the city, in the countryside or by the beach.

Work all of a sudden is combined with pleasure while exploring the most exciting places around the world. Ultimately, the day only has 24 hours and why don’t you combine work with sightseeing? 

At home in your “normal” 9-to-5 you spend 8 hours at work every day, approximately an hour to travel between home and work and the rest of the time you sleep or spent with your hobbies…

How can you Travel and Earn Money?

As I mentioned there are many way to take your work on your travels and to earn your income from doing something you truly love while financing your never ending voyage.

Earn money with the internet:

1. Earn money with blogging:

Of course this comes at the beginning, this is how it all started! Just because of blogging I can relax in Nicaragua and go surfing every morning. You don’t have to start a travel blog just because you want to travel. Think about your interests and how you can communicate these. Google if there is something about this topic already and how successful they are. If you found a niche that is not yet covered enough then you should definitely give it a shot and monetize your blog. Become an expert for this topic. If you can come up with at least 50 titles for your niche then you should start a blog! 

You can learn how to become a successful blogger in our Blog Camp Online Course where we’ve put together 10 modules, 100 Lessons and more than 40 Videos for your future success!

digital nomad 3

Blogging from my 25$/night room in San Juan Del Sur in Nicaragua!

2. Affiliate Marketing

Do you already have a successful website or blog? Then start monetizing your blog with affiliate marketing by recommending products you trust! The advantage: no costs for you to create the product, no need to advertise or answer support questions. The owner of the product takes care of all these things and pays you a provision for every sale you make!

Here on Off The Path I make more than thousand euros every month with affiliate marketing. Have you seen the banner on top of the page for the DKB Bank? It’s a product I’m convinced of since I used it on a daily basis and therefore I recommend it to you as a reader of this blog. Every time somebody applies for an account with DKB I get a provision.

3. Consulting & Service

There are many ways to offer a service or consult via the internet. Spontaneously I come up with following:

  • Virtual Assistant (VA)
  • SEO-Optimizer
  • Translator
  • Social Media Consultant
  • and many more…

We show you many more ways how to monetize your blog and services in our online course…

4. Sell your Photos Online

If you are a really good photographer, then you should try to sell your photos online. There are many ways to do this for instance by setting up shop on your own blog with like Matt from Expert Vagabond or by selling it via third party websites like or

I recently won a big prize for a picture of mine by Getty Images and Samsung Camera.

5. Day trader 

Do you know a lot about the stock exchange? There are many day traders that make a living with this and finance their travels. A few good days every now and then are enough to fund a month of travel. Marcello funds his travels this way, check him out at

6. Website-Design and Programming 

If you know how to design and program some cool site then you have a big advantage while traveling. There are so many companies that yet have to update their first HTML website from the 1990’s and urgently need a new facelift. Even many hostels still have old websites. You could go from one hostel to another and offer them to create a new website for them! 

Other Location-Independent Jobs:

7. In- & Export of Goods

Have you ever brought back cool souvenirs from your travels and your friends wanted to have some too? Maybe they even wanted to buy them from you? Chances are that many other people are will to pay for them. You could buy goods on your travels and import them to your home country and sell them online. You can either set up your own shop with WooCommerce or sell them directly via Ebay!

8. Teach languages on your travels

Do you speak more than just English? You will meet many people on your travels that will be impressed by the number of languages you speak. If you are really good in a language you could set up shop and teach others. 

A few years ago I gave Spanish classes for beginners and earned a little pocket money to finance my travels.

9. Teach Yoga abroad

Are you a really good yogini? You’ve learned from the pros? Yoga teachers are wanted everywhere and you will easily find a job. It’s the perfect job to hop from one awesome resort to another while financing your travels!

10. Give Surfing Classes

If you are a surf instructor, consider giving surfing lessons when traveling. I’m not a good surfer and would easily pay somebody a few dollars to jump into the water with me and properly show me how to catch those waves. Chris Steven from is the perfect example how you can combine Surfing and Travel Blogging and generate a great income to finance your adventures!

11. Dive Instructor and Live in Paradise

Are you a dive instructor? Perfect! You can now live and work in Paradise and teach others the fascination of diving. Conni from used to do this in South East Asia. You could work in Egypt, Mexico, Indonesia, Thailand, Australia and in many more countries around the globe!

Is Travel and Work an Option for me? 

You need to think about this carefully. It’s not something for everybody. Travel and Work can also be very exhausting and it’s not always fun. It need a lot of discipline as mentioned before. If you have problems getting up for a work that you have to do, I can only imagine what it will be like once you have the freedom to get up whenever you want…

Conni from Planet Backpack working on her blog from our 25$/night room in San Juan Del Sur in Nicaragua

My business partner Conni from Planet Backpack working on her blog from our 25$/night room in San Juan Del Sur in Nicaragua

A Few Tips to Find Out if Travel and Work is an Option for you: 

1. Discipline, Discipline, Discipline

Remember: You have to take a break from traveling every now and then to take care of bigger projects that require a lot of constant concentration. This sometimes means to rent an apartment for a few weeks to get these projects done. Tim from Earth City recently changed his mind about Travel and Work and said that he introduces holidays again since it’s really hard to do both at the same time. I sometimes feel the same but at the end of the day it’s all about the mindset. If you can force yourself to get up early and get the work done, then you can easily spend the day doing sightseeing or other things.

2. Set Goals

It’s difficult to work without pressure and no things to aim for. Therefore you should set goals for yourself. This is the only way how you can stay motivated and work towards a pre-set goal.

Short Term Goals:

  • 1. Month
  • 2. Months
  • 6. Months
  • 12. Months

Long Term Goals:

  •  2. Years
  • 4. Years
  • 5. Years

For my business I have several short term goals that I want to reach within the next 12 months and for my private life I have long term goals.

Business Goals:

In 6 months I want to publish a new book how you can set up your own online business with little money and a lot of curiosity to learn new things!

Private Goals:

I want to own a cool Hostel somewhere in the next three years!

3. Motivation

Remember the time at School or at Uni? You had to study for an exam and didn’t want to? Your motivation was on holidays and nowhere to be found and you had to read and study hundreds of pages about a stupid topic that didn’t interest you?

Well, you’ll have these phases too as a digital nomad… as a blogger you might face a writers blockade where you can’t come up with any words for days, weeks and sometimes even for longer… or when you have to do your accounting…

Therefore it’s important to set short term goals. They always remember you why you chose this way of traveling and working around the world… They remind you that there are many fun things and that the less fun things are part of the whole picture and simply have to be done as well! 

Do you dream from working location independent and travel the world? Let’s discuss this in the comments!

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43 comments on “Travel and Work: How to Finance your Travels with a Nomadic Job

  1. itravelwithmyheart on

    I love this article!Thank you! 🙂 I’m a preschool teacher in the Philippines and I dream of traveling all the time. Hope I could do something to support my travels in the near future! or pray for sponsors for my travels haha 🙂

    • Sebastian Canaves on

      No need for a sponsor… as Diana said in a comment before, you only need to set your mind right and work hard for it… if you want to achieve it, you will! Follow your dreams and set goals 😉

      • Hayley Jayne Wright on

        In a lot of countries, particularly Brazil as I have discovered, it is near on impossible to obtain a work visa. This is all good advice, that you have given, but the work visa issue is still a big ‘hurdle’ unless you want to work ‘under the table’ and risk being fined/deported. I have been fortunate to have travelled all over the world and relocating to Brazil (where I have spent a lot of time over several trips) is my ultimate goal. I am struggling with the work visa issue though. The Brazilian Consulate couldn’t even offer any help and I have researched this topic thoroughly.

  2. Iloshka M. on

    WAW! Sebastian Thank you for all these wonderful tips! It is such a pleasure to visit your web-site, I´m always getting inspiration and motivation from your words!

    By the way, I guess Discipline is needed everywhere nowadays. It is one of the characteristics young people have lack of, if you know what I mean. 🙂

    • Sebastian Canaves on

      Thank you Iloshka!

      You are right, you need discipline for many things nowadays and many people lack of it… but that’s ok because those that are disciplined will reach for the stars if they set their mind right!

  3. Kivi on

    Thank you so much for this post! Helps me a lot to see things different.
    I am not sure if I can travel AND make music AND write a good blog, but maybe I will find something else 🙂 There is always a way.

    Thank you!


  4. Andrea on

    Sounds fab. I am just at the end of a 13 years in an office career looking for the next challenge as a freelance digital marketing consultant. That is something I can do from home and I thought about German tutoring for pupils of a Grammar school near where I live in the UK. I keep following you. I really love your writing from all over the place, reminds me of my twenties working at a tour operator in Berlin. You should blog for them. Its Geoplan / GeoMedia in Berlin. Check them out. All the best! (:

  5. Synz | From Sea to Summit on

    I really want to travel and explore other countries. This few months I’ve been struggling to decide wether to leave home, or stay and just find some decent job that can finance my travels. Good thing I stumble on your blog. You have a lot of tips that I can put to use. 😀

  6. Yevgeniya on

    This is an excellent post Sebastian! However, I’d love a post for those of us with location dependent jobs and a kiddo!

  7. Jack on

    Inspirational for people who keep telling themselves I’ll do it someday. I use my Masters in History, certainly easier to travel with it than finding jobs in the USA with it 😉

  8. thebritishberliner on

    These are brilliant tips Sebastian and a means to get people motivated. I believe a lot of people have the dream but don’t really know how to get started or have enormous fears. You have made the tips more manageable. I’d also recommend the expat route!

    • @alxcancado on

      It’s annoying! But who says that you need your return ticket back to your country? You can buy the outbound ticket to another country, maybe less restrictive and close to where you are, expending less money and keep travelling. A friend of mine had this problem when boarding to australia, then he just bought the outbound ticket to new zealand. Cheers.

  9. J on

    Teaching a language ? I have adverrtised for 5 months looking for work as an english teacher in germany and not one bite. So dont bother trying with that one.

      • thebritishberliner on

        Just to add to that. Teaching in Germany is a little more sophisticated than in some other countries “J”. Schools prefer good teaching qualifications and a university degree on top and I’m talking about language schools here. State schools will not touch you unless you “upgrade” to the German exams set by the examination board. It’s competitive and students expect high standards. If you’re still interested and you have the qualifications, keep trying. Good luck!

  10. Laura on

    Great post! I have just strated travelling around and building up a location-indepentant job. It is challenging at some times with constantly changing to new environments and meeting new people, but so rewarding as well! All the freedom in the world! I dont ever want to have a normal 9-5 job!

  11. Emily on

    Great post! I am working digitally as a SEO optimizer and social media manager. It’s great! I’m traveling in London right now but am from the USA. I agree with you – discipline is key. Cheers!

  12. greenvana - living green on

    Cheers for a nice article! I love the topic, although I’m an expat blogger rather than a digital nomad. You’re right – the mindset and rhe duscipline are crucial. I would add courage and a portion of luck too 😉 There’s competition all over the place and those who won’t be put off by it, will get there 🙂 Good luck everyone!
    Re: Germany, yes, it’s a very special not to say a little rigid country jobwise. This just to compare with England and Poland that seem more open to as I call it – rainbow CV 😉

  13. Alyssa on

    Nice article. I only missed working on the site as a more bounded traveller, staying in a place or country for a longer period of time. The same as in everyone’s home country many jobs can be found as well, but you already mentioned it a little bit.. translator, teacher etc. Thanks and nice website! 🙂

  14. Angie Haering on

    I have been blogging for about 2 years now and spent 90 days last year traveling with my boyfriend! So far I have not made a dime off my blog but I have been sending referrals to the tour companies we have used in different countries which feels great! I am getting on average 2,500 views a month so maybe it’s time to take things up a notch? I am a realtor and am able to do all of the paperwork online and have other agents to cover for me when I am gone. My boyfriend owns 2 companies that are able to run on their own.

  15. saviolemos on

    Hi Sebastian, how are you doing ?

    Congrats for the post and the lifestyle you were able to design for yourself. This is an inspiration not only to me but for many people that are opened to the idea of changing their lives.

    I’d like to know if your Blog camp is available in english ? If not, is there any other blog camp in english that you would recommend me ? Thanks champ !