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Travel Report: Biking through Holland

Last month I traveled through Holland with two friends on our bikes.

Here a little overview of the trip

As the whole trip was very spontaneous and we didn’t had much time, we every now and then used the train.

We were amazed of how nice the Netherlands actually are. We have been living here for 3 years and haven’t seen anything of it.

In the total costs of travel there are only 6 € for transportation because as working students in the Netherlands we don’t have to pay for public transport. But we had to pay for taking the bikes with us on the train. We didn’t spend money on accommodation because we spelt at places of our friends or used

Total Travel Cost of the Bike Tour through Holland

Groceries: 32, 97 €

Accommodation: 0 €

Transportation: 6 €

Dinner & Drinks: 46,15

Other: 2,50 €


Total cost: 87,62 €

Total days: 5

Average: 17,52 €



Watch all the pictures of the bike tour

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Holland by bike – Day 1: Kinderdijk to Rotterdam

Holland by bike – Day 2: Rotterdam – Scheveningen

Holland by Bike. Day 3: Scheveningen – Den Helder

Holland by bike. Day 4: Den Helder – Alkmaar 

Holland by Bike. Day 5: Alkmaar


Total distance traveled

Traveled by bike: 122 km

Traveled by train: 148 km

Total distance traveled: 270 kms

Co2 Emission: 0,01 t


These are some books that might be helpful when traveling or informing yourself before heading to the Netherlands:



Holland is a great country for a bike tour. Generally it is very flat and easy to bike, except if you have really bad weather as we had.

Most cities are good connected and if you have a lot of time you can easily bike around the whole Netherlands by covering small distances every day.

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13 comments on “Travel Report: Biking through Holland

  1. Angela on

    That’s very interesting. At first sight I would say it’s not expensive at all, but then I convert into Chinese Yuan and I think in China for 5 days I would have spent less than half 🙁
    I’m in Europe now, I should stop harming myself and converting in Yuan!

    • seba on

      I think for European standards we did a pretty good job! it could have been less but we went out for dinner a couple of times and that was expensive!

    • seba on

      I think that going by bike is a great way to see a country but it can be really hard and exhausting. I hated the days when it was stormy and windy… Next time I will definitely check the weather forecast!

    • seba on

      Get on the plane and buy yourself a bike for about 30 -40 € when you are there. Tt’s a very funny and affordable way to see the country! But better do it with others. I’m sure your friends will bike with you!

  2. Erica on

    That is quite the budget – super impressed. I would love to do a bike ride like that. I just need to find somewhere EXTREMELY FLAT.

    • seba on

      Holland is the perfect country for that! It’s that flat that if the water level rises a couple of cm during the next years there will be no Holland anymore.