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Traveling Around Eastern Europe

When you visit Eastern Europe you can mostly choose from three ways of transportation: Car, Bus or Train!

Rent a Car

The most flexible and convenient travel alternative but also the most expensive one is to rent a car. You can find many companies at airports. If you are in Bulgaria a good company, which also speaks English, is Sofia Auto. Prices are ok and their service is good. Remember that you need to be 21 to rent a car and you need an international drivers license if you are non-European.

If you travel from a European country to a non-European country like Macedonia, make sure you ask for a European green card. It’s also called a vehicle green card, which you need in order to be insured in those countries. Before you start your travels make sure if you need one.

In case you forget to ask for one, there are insurance bureaus at most borders and they sell you a 15 days insurance for about 50 €.

Travel in Eastern Europe

Go by Bus

If you like to travel cheap and be relatively quick and flexible you might want to consider taking a bus. Buses operate often between cities and every big city has a national and international bus station that connects you to other countries.

Here are some links of the websites of international bus stations in Eastern Europe:

Sofia Bus Station:

Budapest Bus Station:

Skopje Bus Station:

Podgorico Bus Station:

Sarajevo Bus Station:

Bucharest Information:


Go by Train

The railway network in Eastern Europe is not very good and not developed and the trains, most of the times, are old and dirty but it is cheaper to travel by train than to travel by bus. You should have a lot of time though. Trains usually stop at every single stop and for a trip that takes 1,5 hours by bus you will need at least 3 hours by train.

To check timetables you can use the website of Deutsche Bahn which has timetables for most trains in Europe!

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18 comments on “Traveling Around Eastern Europe

  1. The Travel Chica on

    Eastern Europe was one of the places I was considering for my current sabbatical. I know I’ll make it there one day, so it is good to know the options.

  2. Pete on

    I have to say I love train travel, but I am starting to understand why it’s more convenient to take the bus. When we were in Sicily we took the trains. Although beautiful scenery, it sometimes took us hours longer. I’m guessing this is the same case in Eastern Europe.

    • seba on

      Indeed it is… It’s incredible how long it takes with the train in Eastern Europe. Even though it’s a little more comfy, as you can walk around etc… it takes hours longer!

  3. Federico on

    Good resources. When there I used a combination of all three, and a car was the best way to go- I only say this though because during this leg I split the cost with 2 more friends!

    • seba on

      If you travel with more people it often is more affordable to share a car… prices for renting a car are very cheap compared to other countries!

  4. Kate Andrews on

    I think it’s misleading to say that the trains in Eastern Europe “are old and dirty”. There are lots of brilliant services which are reliable, affordable and clean! Travellers should do thorough research – don’t expect the Orient Express, but definitely don’t be put off. The train is often far superior to travelling by coach. And the views out of the window are unbeatable!