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Traveling in France: Our French Wine Trip

If you remember my post that I published early last month you know that I just returned from a massive month traveling. A few days ago I just returned from a big trip in France. Together with 5 other international bloggers I’ve traveled around France for 10 days.

The aim of the trip was to show how diverse the wines of the country are and that they suit any occasion. The #FrenchWineTrip covered the regions Loir, Bordeaux, Languedoc and Burgundy.

We did all sorts of things on our trip. We went biking, went back to school to learn new things and explored new places and cities.

Tours: The capital of the Loire region

Tours is located a few hours south of Paris and is the capital of the county of Touraine. The region is known for its white wines and with over 320 million sold bottles it’s the third largest wine producer in France.

The region is huge and very diverse and stretches all the way to the Atlantic coast. It definitely offers something for every kind of traveler. Tours for instance is definitely worth a short visit to explore the city. I was impressed by the majestic and beautiful train station that already gives you a grasp what this city and region is about when you enter the terminal station with the TGV coming from Paris.

The day we arrived there was a wine festival called “VitiLoire” where once a year winemakers from the region show their wines. Locals and tourists come to this event to try the best wines of the region. I had to be careful to not drink too much. It is advised to spit the wine when tasting it. You easily start to taste between 15-30 wines…

DSC_7902 DSC_7897

The region is perfect to do a biking tour around the vineyards of the Loire Valley. The hills aren’t too steep and you have incredible views biking along the Loire river. We went a bit outside of the city to a town called Montsoreau where we rented some bikes and biked around the vineyards next to the Loire river.

Bordeaux: Probably the most famous wine region of France

We were welcomed with an incredible sunset when we arrived at our second destination of our trip. Bordeaux is an incredibly old city with a very modern touch. It was totally modernised a few years ago and has a nice metropolitan touch without losing its historical background.

Bordeaux sunset

The region is known for its red wines. The region produces very diverse wines from the everyday table wine to some of the most exclusive wines in the world. The region is the biggest producer of wines in France and sells more than 700 million bottles of wine a year.

In Bordeaux we went back to School and visited the School of Wine where they showed us how to perfectly blend wines. An interesting process and I definitely learned a lot about the different wines of the region.

School of Wine Bordeaux

We also visited the Chateau de Camarsac, an old vineyard with a castle outside of Bordeaux that produces incredible wines. We had a short tour and got to taste the wine right out of the vat. Did you know that most winemakers filter the wine because the consumer prefers to drink filtered wines even though you loose a little bit of the original taste?


Chateau de Camarsac

DSC_8327 DSC_8396

Languedoc: Welcome to Southern France

The Languedoc region probably was my favorite part of the trip. As a Spaniard (I’m from Mallorca) I really enjoyed being so close to the Mediterranean Sea. The region of Languedoc was known for its quantity in the past. Today though it improved the quality of its wines and offers very fresh and round wines. They are prefect for a barbeque at the beach or for a night with friends.

We stayed in a small chateau (country house) called l’hopsitalet outside of Narbonne where some of us went for a run in the vineyards in the morning (I of course didn’t, but the thought counts.)

DSC_8594 DSC_8577 DSC_8566

The weather in the south was beautiful and we used the opportunity and had delicious lunches outside and explored a little bit the city. The wines that we had were some of the best of the trip. Especially the rose wines of Chateau of L’Engarran were delicious.

Burgundy: Sleeping Beauty

We stayed in the city of Beaune, a small and sleepy city in western France. The city didn’t impress that much but the wines did. The soil makes the whole difference in Burgundy. The soil it is very rich on minerals and no wine tastes like the other. That is the reason why the region has thousands of different wines.

In Beaune we visited the Oenotheque of Joseph Drouhin and had a tasting of their vines in their cellar. I cannot imagine a better place to do a vine tasting of such great wines.


Burgundy was the last stop on our 10 days trip around France. You could see that what started as a road trip between strangers ended to be a road trip of friends. We had an incredible time and celebrated it in a nice apartment. The sun was shining and it was time to dance away our thoughts with some great wines.


Irene, Jens and Linn enjoying the moment with some good french wines.


Jens analysing the wine


Linn enjoying the moment with a good glass of french wine

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16 comments on “Traveling in France: Our French Wine Trip

  1. Alex on

    I am wine-challenged — I literally know nothing beyond “red” and “white.” Would love to do a trip like this someday and learn a thing or two!

  2. Federico on

    Like Alex, I know very little about wine. You must be familiar though with the term Kalimotxo though right ? Imagine having one of those during the tour! 😉

  3. Sujin on

    This whole wine trip looks really interesting! I am not a big fan of wine, but reading your post makes me want one glass. 😉

  4. Barry Whiitingham on

    What a wonderful way to not only tour France, but taste some great French wines. I highly endorse this idea and will post about it on my Frenglish-Franglais news site.

    Barry Whittingham

  5. Julian on

    Wow, that was a really great trip you guys had! Definitely something I’d put on my travel list! One question -what did you use for staying connected to the Internet? I’m creating a directory with MiFi providers and I’d like to find some in France. Cheers!

  6. Marc on

    You chose a great time of year to visit, it was 37c in July! Too hot to drink…did you try Vouvray or Mt.Louis while near Tours? My cherie is from this beautiful city, we are so lucky to visit from Wicklow the garden of Ireland to the Jardin au France….great site. Thank you.