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Two Canadian Girls die at a Resort at Koh Phi Phi

Off-The-Path is not turning into a news site but since I am heading over to Koh Phi Phi next week I feel the urge of posting this.

Two Canadian girls found dead at resort at Koh Phi Phi

Last week Friday, two Canadian sisters were found dead in their room at the Phi Phi Palm Residence Hotel at Koh Phi Phi.

Many sources speak of food poisoning but some rumors go around that they were poisoned. This remembers of cases in the previous year where a Norwegian and American girl died on the same island couple of resorts down the road. Same happened last year in Chiang Mai where 7 people died from poisoning.

“There was a lot of vomit in the room, and both bodies showed similar signs [of trauma]. They had skin lesions and it seemed that they had bled from the gums. Also, their fingernails and toenails were blue,” Col Rat explained to Phuket Gazette.

It could be that the two sisters slept in a room where high concentrated anti-bedbug pesticides were used previously. This is common practice since hotels fear bed bugs in such a humid climate like in Thailand. Once bed bugs make the news and are published on a platform like TripAdvisor not much can be done to improve the image of the hotel. Investigations will show if the room of the two Belanger sisters was treated with this insecticide.

Similar Case in Chiang Mai in 2011

Last year seven people died after visiting or staying at the Down Town Inn in the northern city of Chiang Mai. Back then Test results found small traces of an insecticide called chlorpyrifos (CY) inside the room – a chemical that is used to get rid of bed bugs and has been banned from indoor use in many countries.

The Down Town Inn has been demolished last month after sales went down after it became known as “The Death Hotel”.


If you ever stay at hotel or resort and have following symptoms you should go and see a doctor. It’s better to go and see a doctor one time too much then being seriously ill during your holidays:

Mild Poisoning or Early Symptoms of Acute Poisoning headache, fatigue, weakness, dizziness, restlessness, nervousness, perspiration, nausea, diarrhea, loss of appetite, loss of weight, thirst, moodiness, soreness in joints, skin irritation, eye irritation, irritation of the nose and throat.

Moderate Poisoning or Early Symptoms of Acute Poisoning nausea, diarrhea, excessive saliva, stomach cramps, excessive perspiration, trembling, no muscle coordination, muscle twitches, extreme weakness, mental confusion, blurred vision, difficulty in breathing, cough, rapid pulse, flushed or yellow skin, weeping.

Severe or Acute Poisoning fever, intense thirst, increased rate of breathing, vomiting, uncontrollable muscle twitches, pinpoint pupils, convulsions, inability to breathe, unconsciousness.

Retrieved from Pesticide Safety Education Program

I am living in Thailand since 7 months and think that it’s a very safe country to travel in. It is very unfortunate that some hotels use this highly concentrated pesticide which is banned in other countries. I really hope that the authorities solve this case quickly before more negative PR affects this country. Since there is no real way of finding out if a room has been treated with bed bug pesticides you can always ask at the reception if they did and how dangerous it is. Most receptionists will decline the use of pesticides or will have no idea. In any case trust your feeling and be precautious but don’t let your nervousness destroy your holidays.

My condolences go out to the Belanger family!

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17 comments on “Two Canadian Girls die at a Resort at Koh Phi Phi

  1. Ash on

    Mate, I heard about this in Chiang Mai just the other day! Makes us wonder what they are using around our apartment as there are constantly dead bugs on the verandah floor…
    I m not feeling well today, thanks for the paranoia! 😉

  2. Debbie Hollenbeck on

    Nobody expects to be killed in the middle of the a vacation. I would like to extend my thanks for posting this story as well as the information on the symptoms. Better be safe than sorry.

  3. Linda on

    It really is very scary and to think I never had any inclination as such incident as this on the bedbug thing. I am now thinking of traveling might do harm. You see, people tend to neglect the fact that all travel places where you will stay and sleep has this scary feat.
    I suggest you make a thorough research history at the place you will be staying. Mostly this happens to Asian countries.

  4. Suivi de Chantier on

    Very sorry to hear this story.I had a similar experice when I had been to a resort recently. The food tasted very good there. But after I came back I got Gastronitities. I had a tough time. Always while going out to any resort or hotel, we should first enquire about the place and then proceed.

  5. Lopez on

    Feeling sad after reading this story. Absolutely this is the case of food poisoning as their nails were blue. I always try to visit known hotels. People,please be careful from food poisoning.
    Thank for sharing this information among people.

  6. Christopher Tourisme on

    Its is really shocking to read this article. I am really scared after reading this article. I travel most of the time and eat outside at different hotels. Now I think I should first enquire and then stay at any hotel. I have never had any such untoward incident, but it is always better to take precautions.

  7. Aubrey Chauffage on

    Its a very sad state of affairs. As mentioned in one post, its a very clear case of food poisoning as their nails were found to be blue. Its always better that we first get information about the hotels and resorts and then book them for our stay.

  8. Daniel on

    I really hope that the casue of their death was food poisoning, else people would feel them insecure in that countery. Last year I had very serious food poisoning while I was on my vacation in Thailand. But doctors prescribed me some pills and I recovered in a few days.