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Chatuchak Weekend Market Bangkok

Bangkok, Thailand

The weekend market bangkok is one of the biggest I have ever seen so far. Over 9000 shops can be found next to each other divided in over 27 sections.

Hundred thousands of visitors come here each weekend to go shopping. You will not only find the tourist here, locals and many expats come here to do their weekly shopping.

You can get nearly everything!

Are you looking for antiques? At the weekend market bangkok you will find nearly everything! Not what you are looking for? What about Clothes? Thousands of shops will sell you fake Louis Vouitton bags and cheap Ralf Laurren Polo shirts but you can also find young Thai designers who have little shops here with very affordable prices. If you are not looking for clothes, how about food? In each section you will find little restaurants with delicious Thai food, for 30-40 baht (1 €) you will find a good meal with a drink!

You have to bargain!

One important rule when being here is that you have to negotiate your price. That’s part of the shopping experience here. Every price is too expensive. Take a deep breath when you hear the price and roll your eyes, the sales person will automatically go down about 20 per cent. If you now ask for a even lower price you will meet at about 25-30 % lower than the original price! You can of course try to negotiate more but that is already a pretty good deal! You can get bigger discounts if you buy more than one thing for several people!!!

You will need a lot of time for this market. Plan at least 3-4 hours but you can easily spent the whole day there!

Looking for delicious insects?

If you plan to eat some insects like cockroaches, or grass hoppers you should go out of the weekend market bangkok. Near the fish market at the east side of the market you will find some little wagons that cell some insects.

Eating insects in Thailand

How to get to Chatuchak Weekend Market:

To get there, you can take the MRT to Bang Sue and exit at the MRT station Kamphaeng Phet. One way price is between 20 and 30 bath depending from which station you are coming. If you are going to use the metro a lot on that day, I would recommend a day pass for 120 baht which is valid until midnight of that day!

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16 comments on “Chatuchak Weekend Market Bangkok

  1. Federico on

    Hey Sebastian, after eating these things make sure you pamper yourself one day in the International Buffet Restauarant at the Baiyoke Hotel. Sure, it is not street food and all that, but going once while you are there wont hurt. The restaurant is at the top of the highest building in Thailand (floor 83 I think) , costs 650 Baht, but is a 5 star buffet with everything from Thai food, to lobster, rib-eyed and t-bones, all sorts of seafood, Mexican, pastas, meats, salads, all sorts of desserts…it is my favorite restaurant in the world. It also offers the best night view of Bangkok- make sure you take your camera. Oh, and no need to dress up- shorts and a t-shirt will do. It’s awesome!!