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When a dinner goes bad!

Back in 2008 I lived and worked in Australia. I had the time of my life while living in Brisbane. After couple of hard working months I decided to take some holidays and went on a road trip with my recently bought Holden Jackaroo. It was an old car from 1990 and I had to invest quite a bit in order to make sure that it doesn’t brake down while being somewhere in the outback.


After 3 weeks of traveling I arrived in Sydney. Beautiful city with a lot to see. After 2 days of relaxing in the hostel and reading some books I decided that it was time to explore the city. I Went to see the opera house, harbor bridge and then spontaneously went to taronga zoo. It’s a great zoo and one of the largest of its kind with over 21 hectares and more than 2,500 animals. I especially loved the view from from the giraffes because you can see the skyline of Sydney in the background.

After the zoo I went to the Rocks, by accident I ran into the Löwenbräu and the idea of having some nice german beer and food sounded good to me. The last time I drank a german beer must have been months ago when I left Germany in order to live in down under. So I sat down on one of the benches outside and enjoyed a beer. In the mean time other people came and we had some interesting conversations. I remember talking to an english couple and a dutch lady. We had a lot of fun and then it happened… BLACK……… hours of nothing.

Try to Remember, Try to Remember! What have you done the last hours?

I woke up at St. Vincents Hospital in Darlinghurst at about 5 am. The reconstruction of the night took years and even today I still cannot remember everything and this is probably a good thing.

I went to dinner at about 7 pm on the 5th of December and I have been told that I left around 11 pm. That means that I had some good conversations cause I stayed quite long even though I cannot remember. The next scene I remember is that I was trying to walk down the street until I stopped a cab. A lady in a black dress was in there and I asked her to give me the cab cause it was urgent. She refused to get out and I offered her $ 50 but she still refused until she saw that my wrist was smashed and I was standing on one foot. She didn’t took the $50 but got out of the cab and wished me all the best.

ASAP to the nearest Hospital please!

Once I got in the cab I told the cab driver to drive to the next hospital and that took soooo long. It was the longest ride I ever had. If you look on google maps you can see that it’s only 3,5 kms from the rocks to the hospital in Darlinghurst and it took him about 20 minutes and I had to pay $50 dollars. That idiot totally took advantage of the situation because he saw that I was willing to pay that girl for getting off the cap. I was so much in pain that once I paid him and entered the hospital I passed out. I then woke up in the ER where they told me that they made X-Rays and that they have to put me asleep because they have to fix the bone quickly. I told them to do it now and that I don’t want any drugs who put me asleep because I don’t want to have this feeling again of not knowing what happens… they started fixing the bone and I never screamed that loud and begged them to give me the drugs.

Seriously what happened??

Between the time I arrived at the hospital and 5 am I passed out several times. The first time I was totally aware of what had happened was at about 5 am when a nurse came to me and asked me if they could call somebody. I asked her to call my girlfriend and my mom and if she could give me my bag because my phone is in there and I don’t know the numbers… There was no phone and there also was no bag. I got robbed in the last hours. But this didn’t explain why my foot was broken and my wrist was smashed except if they would had beaten me up but why is only my left side affected???

How do you get in touch with your beloved ones if you have no phone?

How do you contact your beloved ones in an unknown city and so far away from everything and everybody? Mobile phones are so easy and save everything for us and once we lose it we don’t know anything… We totally depend on them and don’t even bother of remembering the phone numbers of the people who are important to us. After an hour I asked them if they have internet and a computer I could use. I thought I could write an email to all my contacts and one of them will hopefully check his emails in the next hour and maybe even know my mum or/and my girlfriend. And that’s what I did. I wrote an e-mail in three different languages and sent it to over 80 people and 5 minutes later the phone rang and a good friend of the family called from Germany.


ich weiss nicht was passiert ist und ich hatte einen unfall.
Muss operiert werden kann wer meine Mutter und meine freundin benachrichtigen.
Ich habe mein HJandy verloren. Meine Mutter xxx, meine Freundin

Hello can someone please try to find my mother and
my girlfriend I had an accident and lost my phone. My mother xxx and
my girlfriend xxx. I’m in Sydney hospital

Hola puede
alguien encontrar a mi madre i a my novia. My madre es xxx y my novia
es xxx. Estoy en el hospial en sydney y no se lo que ha pasado

10 minutes later my grandparents called and 15 minutes later my mom. The reception of the hospital was already pissed off and asked me to tell everybody that I’m fine because I also needed sleep.

I couldn’t sleep that night and they gave me morphine to tranquilize and sleep. The next morning I woke up and was on my way to surgery. My wrist was smashed so bad that they had to include something to stabilize the bone and the two options I had were, bone from my butt or artificial. I chose option nr. 2, which meant another surgery in 2010.

5 Hours Surgery and nearly dead

6 scars on my arm

Surgery lasted 5 hours and I woke up in a room with 3 other guys. One who tried to kill himself and an old guy who fell and broke his foot and one portuguese emigrant who had cancer. He was in the bed right next to me and very nice! We had some really good conversations and his wife offered me to go shopping for me and everything. They even invited me to their house once I get out of the hospital.

The day after surgery my boss came to visit me. He was in Sydney for the weekend and heard about my accident. He was so nice and bought me a new phone so everybody can call me and some new trousers. He even picked up my car from the hostel and brought my laptop. So nice of him. He came and visited me every day.

Hit by a car!

During these days also the police came a couple of times to ask some questions. At the end they figured out, that some guys spiked my drink at the Löwnbräu and robbed me out somewhere on the street. That is why my bag was gone. But they didn’t beat me up. I later walked around the streets drugged and got hit by a car and that is why only my left side is damaged. It was a hit and run and they never got the driver.


When I returned to Sydney last December I went to the rocks and had a flashback… I remembered things I didn’t knew. The body sometimes hides things from you in order for you to survive. It took me very long until I was able to talk about the things happened that night.

Anything like this happened to you or somebody you know?

Remember: Just because this happened in Sydney, it doesn’t mean that Sydney is dangerous. This could have happened anywhere. I was just unfortunate to be at the wrong place at the wrong time… 

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27 comments on “When a dinner goes bad!

  1. The Travel Chica on

    That is quite possibly the worst and scariest travel story I’ve ever heard. I cannot believe the taxi driver took advantage of you in that condition. You are lucky you were in a place with the ability to fix such a bad injury.

    • seba on

      That was pretty scary! I’m happy that it happened in Sydney and not couple of days earlier somewhere in the bush in the red center… that would have been fatal!

  2. Harriet on

    Wow thats a really scary story! I’ve had a few incidents when my friend has blacked out from alchohol and we’ve always been there to catch her and make sure she gets home safe.

    Your scars are awesome though! Must have been painful but still, the scars are cool!

  3. Rhonda on

    Wow, scary stuff. Glad things didn’t end up worse for you and everything turned out ok. I know how it is to end up hospitalized in a country so far from home. Stay safe in your travels!

    • seba on

      Today, two years later, I still cant move my left wrist like my right one but its only a very small difference! I am very happy that only scars remember me of that night in Sydney!

  4. Jane on

    That’s really scary, sorry it happened in the country I’m living! Glad you did come back to Australia again. It’s sad that some people would do these kinds of things. You met 3 lots of bad people all on one night, back luck for you, but you survived!!

    • seba on

      Oh Jane, don’t worry! I was at the wrong place at the wrong time! This could have happened everywhere! And I will keep coming back to Australia. I love this country and this incident won’t change anything about it 🙂

  5. Angela on

    Oh my, what the hell, horrible experience. People really don’t realize the consequences of their actions. Bloody taxi driver who tried to trick you even seeing you in those conditions. Some things leave me speechless really. Glad you are fine now, maybe it’s good that you don’t remember everything, never mind for your lost personal belongings, the important is that you got over it and don’t think about it too much.

  6. Abby on

    Of anybody I know, I think you have the most scary stories. I love that none of it has stopped you — you’re also one of my most adventurous friends!

    • seba on

      Don’t worry! This could have happened everywhere and I am happy it happened in Sydney where I was able to go to a good hospital immediately and get good medical treatment. Otherwise it could have ended fatal!

    • sebastian on

      It was very scary! Good thing was it happened at the end of my road trip, Sydney was my last stop. Bad thing was that I had to spent over a week in hospital!

  7. Josie on

    Hey Sebastian,
    Your story is so scary, but you used your wits to achieve your goal — getting in touch with your family. So glad your injuries are not a huge handicap.
    As a parent and a traveler, I try to help my own kids be as prepared as possible. My son was recently taking a solo bicycle trip down the coast of California and reached a long section of secluded road between LA and San Diego — in the desert. He miscalculated the distance and weather,(100+ degrees), and was out of food. He said it was like those movies where the person is in the middle of sand as far as the eye can see. Luckily with technology, he called a friend of mine in San Diego who came to get him as the sun was going down. Thank goodness for technology and my forethought to give him phone numbers of people I know up and down the coast.
    Glad you’re still around to tell the story Sebastian!

  8. Ann-Katrin on

    What a horrible experience! I am always extremely cautious with drinks when I travel alone, although especially in areas where I don’t speak the language, it can so easily go wrong, but luckily incidents and accidents like this are rare; I know of some incidents with spiked drinks but luckily it all went well (and never happened to me) – and most incidents were down to people drinking too much rather than being drugged, and that is easier to control yourself, obviously.
    Reading things like this is a good reminder. It will never stop me from travelling, I experienced so many amazing things on my trips, but taking some precautions is good. I’ll definitely make sure I continue to have some phone numbers written down on paper and I make sure I store them online too; I’ll use your post as a reminder of how important that is – spiked drinks or not, phones may also break.
    Glad that you lived to tell the story and that it didn’t stop you from wanting to travel more!