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9 Reasons to visit the Emilia Romagna in Italy

Have you followed my recent adventure to the Emilia Romagna region in Italy on my social media channels?

Then you probably know that I loved the region. It’s so diverse and has so much to offer. From the cheesy and crowded beaches to the deserted and lush green mountains on the country side.

These are 9 Reasons why you should visit the Emilia Romagna in Italy:

The Food

The region is home to incredible food and I bet that you have tasted a few of those delicious things that are produced in the area like the Parma ham, the Parmegiano cheese or the great variety of olive oils from the region like from Brisighella.

DSC_0118 DSC_0496

The Wine

The Emilia Romagna is home to hundreds small and middle sizes wine makers that export their wines to all over the world.

The People

One of the reasons I want to improve my italian are the people. Whenever I’m in Italy I am always welcomed so nicely. I speak a little bit of italian but not enough to have a long conversation. It doesn’t matter if I’m at a bar or driving through the beautiful country, the people have always been very open and friendly to me and my companions. Being invited to spend the afternoon with traditional Piadina with the locals far away from the touristy and crowded beaches of rimini? Priceless!



A huge open air museum. Even though the city (like most cities in italy) is incredibly old, the people (mostly students) manage to keep a young vibe in the streets. Especially while wandering around the student quarter of the city you will feel like on of them.

DSC_9928 DSC_9973 DSC_9979

The Apennines

The Apennines is a 1.500 kms long mountain range that crosses the Emilia Romagna. Its the perfect getaway to go mountain biking all year round. I went mountain biking in Brisighella with Brisighella Ospitale. They offer short tours, day tours and even week long tours. I will soon upload a video on my youtube channel about my mountain biking experience in Brisighella.


The Flora

Before I visited the Emilia Romagna I expected a pretty plain region. What I found was a region full of mountains and very green hills. An incredible scenery and I couldn’t stop taking pictures of the beautiful flora.



The Outdoor Activities

You can do so much in the Emilia Romagna. Adventure junkies will love this region. From Mountain Biking in the Apenines to White Water Rafting in the valleys, you will love it there.


The Cars

The Emilia Romagna is home to some of the most luxurious car manufacturers in the world. Not only Ferrari is from the Emilia Romagna but Lamborghini as well. During the 50th year birthday the “Follow Me” Car at the International Airport of Bologna was a Lamborghini.

 20130523_172021 copy

The Festivals

The Emilia Romagna is home to hundreds of different festivals during the summer. From the traditional, small festivals in the villages across the country to the big music festivals at the beach. It’s never boring!


 Ever been in the Emilia Romagna? What did you like most? Leave a comment below!

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6 comments on “9 Reasons to visit the Emilia Romagna in Italy

  1. Martina @Bullo an Italian Blog on

    Hi Sebastian, I am so glad and so proud to read this since I am from Emilia Romagna! The coast above all is among Italians a quite common touristic destination famous for families looking for good services and…young folks looking for fun. So I would add reason n.8: Clubbing and Night Life!

  2. renucas on

    Emilia Romagna looks amazing – especially the outdoor scenes! I think it’s one of those places where one can travel peacefully, because it’s not really too touristic. Right?