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15 signs that you’re addicted to travel!

Traveling is the coolest thing in the world! It’s like a drug addiction – a positive one, though! Travel arouses this indescribable feeling inside you, and satisfies your body with this excited tingling. This insane happiness accompanies you anytime, anywhere.

Traveling promises unforgettable experiences and adventure. Each trip you grow up more, and every time you come home you’ll most likely want to go out again. It’s this freedom and feeling that anything is possible – so addictive! Every trip makes your longing for travel even stronger for your next trips.

I’m sure it’s not just me, but many other travelers as well: I’m a travel junkie. I’m addicted to traveling. I’m addicted to the world and all its adventures! If you feel similar, and are wondering whether you’re addicted to travel, here are 15 signs to clearly identify you as a travel addict! 

“Take the test!”

15 signs that you’re addicted to travel!

1. You’re hardly at home, and already planning your next trip

You just arrived home and can’t seem to settle. The memories of your last trip float through your head, and make you dream of even more countries to visit. You’ve talked to someone on the road who told amazing stories about Sri Lanka or Malaysia. Taking a look at your bucket list reminds you your trip to Iceland has long been a dream of yours. You’re constantly envisioning, in your mind, packing your backpack and sitting on a plane on the way to your next adventure.

The planning and anticipation you experience before going on a trip journey is often one of the best parts. This excitement and curiosity that builds up when you’re dealing with a new destination brings tingling sensations to your body and dissolves only when you’ve seen the place with your own eyes. This feeling, the fact that you’re already planning your next adventure right when you get home, is a clear first sign you’re also addicted to travel!


2. You get super excited booking flights

Once you’ve decided on a new destination and set a date, it’s time to book some flights. You play with the data, search multiple platforms, and go on the hunt for the best offer. Once you’ve found it, the moment comes that absolutely skyrockets your mood: you click to book your trip! A firework of happiness spreads through you and anticipation rises through the roof. Soon it’s time for you to pack your things and embark on a new adventure!

After booking your flight, you’re counting the days. Every morning you cross another day off your calendar – the less there are, the more excited you get! Finally, the day comes for you to go to the airport and board your flight to arrive in your new destination!

3. You spend all your savings on travel

Since starting traveling, your priorities have completely shifted. Instead of staying on top of the latest gadgets, or going on crazy shopping sprees, you’re saving up money for new travel adventures. You have to think twice, wondering if you’re about to waste 60 euros on a new piece of clothing when you know you can use it to pay for a few nights on your next trip!

The presents under your Christmas tree, and your birthday gifts have also drastically reduced. A simple envelope with money for your next adventure is the only thing that makes you happy!

4. You’re in a bad mood if you don’t have another adventure planned

You’re restless, bored, and annoyed. The reason for this is not work or anything like that. No, you simple lack a new perspective. You want to break out of the “everyday” again. You want to experience new adventures out in the world, and leave your home behind – no matter if it’s a small adventure or a huge, long trip. You get tingling feelings all through your feet and fingers when looking for flights to New Zealand, Asia, and Europe. The prospect of a new journey must be found, because it gives you new energy in the coming weeks and months you have to endure before your next trip!

5. Your favorite things to read are travel blogs

Instead of novels and thrillers, you dedicate yourself to reading travel blogs that inspire you to seek out new adventures and dream of far away places. You always find exactly what you’re looking for including useful trip planning tips, places off the beaten path, and the hottest activities in your location.

The only books your read are travel books full of adventure. Additionally, you also follow travel YouTubers, listen to travel podcasts, and subscribe to various newsletters so you never miss an article – another sign you’re totally a travel addict!

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6. Your wallet is filled with different currencies

Over the last few months and years you’ve accumulated tons of notes and coins in different currencies – you could almost open a bank!

After each adventure, new currencies are added to you wallet and your little collection continues to grow. Before you senselessly squander your last bits of money on material things and unhealthy snacks, you take it home. You prefer to save it since you know you’ll probably travel to the same countries again!

7. You’re never really unpacked

It’s not that packing is tons of fun, it’s because your next trip is pending. Since you constantly find yourself between two trips it no longer really pays off to unpack! Your passport, electronic adapters, flip flops, and comfy travel sweater stay right there in your backpack – it’s never banished to your basement or attic, but stays right there in your apartment for its next use! Whether it’s just in your head, or you’re already planning a new adventure, it won’t be long until you’re using that backpack again.

8.You have friends all over the world!

Traveling makes it incredibly easy to meet new people! You meet people in hostels, cafés, and even group adventures in nature. Even if the first questions with new people are the same, you could talk about travel for hours! At the end of conversations you might’ve found new casual Facebook connections, or you’ll never hear from someone again, and some people might evolve into real friendships that persist over thousands of kilometers even after your trip is over!

Even if you spend a few hours or days with people, you know you’ll stay in touch. Thanks to travel, you have friends all over the world you can visit and even stay with for free. And, of course, they show you around their country and make it feel like home! Is there anything better?

9. You can speak a handful of different languages

No matter what a country, a drink after a day of adventure and adrenaline always happens! Be it on the beach at sunset or in a cool bar around the corner, you soon find fast connections. Travelers and locals are often very open in most countries and love having conversations with you. Whether it’s Salud, Skal, or Chái Yó, you can toast in every language and even say a funny joke!

10. Your wardrobe consists almost only of functional clothes

Whether you’re in the warm and humid climate of Asia or the Americas, your clothes are functional above all else! From shirts to help you sweat less, to lightweight sweaters, your clothes are prepared for any adventure!

Instead of shopping at H & M or other fashion brands, you’re finding deals in outdoor stores and love brands like Tatonka, The North Face, Colombia, Mammut, Schoeffel, and Jack Wolfskin. Naturally, your absolute favorite shop is Globetrotter!

11. You can sleep anywhere

A clear indication that you’re a professional traveler and totally routine is that you can lie down anywhere and fall asleep just like that. Be it on a plane, train, or bus, when you’re tired you can dive into the land of dreams after a few minutes! You take advantage of long stopovers at airports, and catch a nap. You’re a master at using your backpack as a pillow – your bed is always ready! This has the great advantage of not being plagued by jetlag in your new country so you can plunge into your adventure right away!


12. You speak in airport codes not city names

Do you ever mention in a conversation you’ll soon be flying from DXB to BKK and your friends have no idea what you’re talking about? If you’re searching for a flight do you completely skip over your destination’s name and instead use the airport code? As a frequent traveler, airport codes are quite normal for you because you’ve seen many airports in the world – many of them several times!

You know exactly which airports have free Wi-Fi and where you can get the best coffee. This is a clear indication you’ve traveled the world a lot – and have no plans of stopping!

13. Your bucket list is infinite

Some time ago you created a bucket list of all the places you want to visit and all the adventures you want to experience. The aim was to gradually work your way through the list. Now, however, the reverse has occurred: your travel list is constantly getting longer instead of shorter – you’re always looking for a new adventure! Your curiosity about the world is so big, and your list becomes so long that you only have one solution: make traveling your life!

But it’s never about ticking off the list as quickly as possible, and you always want to spend a few more days in the country. You always want to authentically experience your new travel adventures fully!

14. Home isn’t a place for you but a feeling

What is home? As a travel junkie you’re barely ever home. But that’s not so bad, because the whole world is now your home! The more you travel, the more you feel at home in many places around the world. For you, home is never really a particular place, but a feeling. It’s a sense of belonging, and the fact that you’re comfortable.

The word nostalgia, for you, is a foreign word, and you feel a longing for the same several places in the world! But that’s not nostalgia for you. It’s wanderlust – your constant companion. Your travel addiction makes you a real citizen of the world because you feel at home anywhere around the globe.

15. Your passport is filled with stamps from everywhere

An absolutely clear piece of evidence showing your addiction to travel is your passport. All the distant countries you’ve traveled to, and all the places you’ve left footprints in, have a stamp in your passport. Every few years you get to the point where it becomes cumbersome for officials to find a free corner to stamp when you enter a new country –i t’s time to apply for a new one! Will you ever manage to keep one passport until it expires after 10 years?

Live the dream and make the world your home!

If you can answer these 15 signs with a “yes” then the diagnosis is obvious: you’re addicted to travel! Your urge to see the world is insatiable and the freedom you experience when traveling is limitless. If you’re home for too long, or have no new journeys on the horizon, you always get annoyed. But when you book a new flight you feel like a different person! Full of anticipation, you start planning. Your next trip is just around the corner – your next dose of adrenaline and happiness!

Are you addicted to travel? How do you know it? Tell us in the comments!

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