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Airline Review: Emirates Airline

Entrée for Dinner in the Business Class at Emirates

Entrée for Dinner in the Business Class at Emirates

Every time I visit Australia I use Emirates. They might not be the cheapest but if you book in advance you can find some really good deals.

From Europe to Australia you spent a lot of time in planes. I flew out from Amsterdam and Munich and you always have a stop over in Dubai. These 6 hours aren’t that bad but after that you finally want to arrive at your destination and you still have about 16-20 hours of traveling ahead of you.

The second time I flew with Emirates I was upgraded to business class and that made the journey very comfortable. You are welcomed with a glass of champagne and have some antipasti and canapes and they make the bed for you in order that you have it as comfortable as possible.

You aren’t that lucky always but it isn’t that bad to sit in economy at Emirates. The seats offer enough space for a normal sized person and the personnel is super friendly and they speak at least 6 languages on each flight. The entertainment system is awesome. Hundreds of movies and series are offered to you and tons of songs and games you can choose from.

If you are very addicted to the web you can even surf the internet and sent mails at an altitude of +40.000 feet for 1 $/mail. You only need a credit card for that.

The food served on board is very good compared to other airlines.


  • Good food
  • Comfortable
  • Great Entertainment system
  • Friendly Staff
  • Free Booze
  • Most seats have a usb interface where you can charge your ipod, mobile etc.
  • Great advantages if you apply for Skywards membership (Quick upgrades at second flight)
  • Quick Check in



  • Not always very cheap
  • Dubai isn’t a great stop over

If you decide to fly with Emirates make sure you apply for their frequent flyer card. You most definitely will be upgraded the second time you fly with them if there are spare business class seats available.


What is your experience with Emirates? Have you also been upgraded to business class before?

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9 comments on “Airline Review: Emirates Airline

  1. Jessica on

    This looks so nice! I’ve always wanted to fly Emirates.. them and Cathay Pacific are supposed to be the best. And you can’t beat business class for free! 🙂

  2. Angela on

    I haven’t flown with Emirates before, I had already heard it’s very comfortable, I’m aiming to travel quite a lot to that area of the planet, I will certainly book Emirates sometimes.

    • seba on

      You should do that angela. I don’t think you will regret it and don’t forget to apply for their frequent flyer card! You get lots of benefits!

  3. Sherry on

    Rarely do I fly anything other than American based airlines. But when I do get the opportunity to do so, I’m always MORE impressed by the quality of service and amenities I get. I can’t wait to go on a RTW and experience the better side of air travel. I’d love to try the Emirates; you make it sound so nice.

  4. Amer @TendToTravel on

    Fantastic review on Emirates. I’ve actually missed flying with them since I’ve changed carriers to Etihad Airways. Etihad’s FFP is very tempting and generous. I don’t know how often you’ll get upgraded by Emirates, but I do get upgraded on Etihad at least on 3 single segment flights a year which is fantastic considering I fly with them like 3x a year. Anyway, I’m missing the great food and generous portions of Emirates as well as the excellent connectivity at Dubai’s new airport.

    • seba on

      I’ve never flown with Etihad and only flown with Emirates 3 times and been upgraded on the second flight. The connectivity in Dubai is great and the airport is huge. Can’t wait to go there again and visit the new terminal!