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Airline Review: Lufthansa
In 2011 I flew about 10 times with Lufthansa throughout Europe and I cannot remember being disappointment except of the prices maybe. I have to admit that the prices aren’t the cheapest but their service is pretty good and being member of the Miles & More club is worth it. For each flight I got about 750 miles. Most flights were short haul flights and I only spent about 2,5 hours in each flight. The comfort was different each time. On some short flights I was feeling very comfortable and on some longer flights I couldn’t even sit because there was not enough leg space. I once had to ask to be reseated somewhere else cause there was no way that I was able to sit more than 2 hours that way. The personnel is always very friendly on the ground and in the air. On a recent flight in December on my birthday they even gave me a little bag with chocolates. I think that this is very nice of them. The small things make it special and they clearly got me with that. Now I always check their site first before checking others.


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If you book over their website click on “search with more options” and select “Lufthansa Group” in “Airlines”. This way the website will search flights not only on with Lufthansa but also with their other companies like “Austrian Airlines” and others. Click here to get a 20 € discount code![/box]

Did you fly with Lufthansa before? What do you think of this Airline?

Sebastian Canaves
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  1. I’ve been flying with them several times, especially long distance flights. I’ve never been disappointed. The service is great, but I do agree with you that on most flights there should be more leg space. Even for me as a small person it was sometimes very uncomfortable. Regarding the prices I think you should keep your eyes open. You can also grab cheaper flights if you don’t book via their website.

  2. I flew Luftansa the first time I went to Bulgaria and loved it. The staff was really friendly and the food was good, for airplane food standards. I will definately have to agree on the seating comfort. I don’t feel I am a very big person but even I felt a little uncomfortable….in an aisle seat. But I still recommend the airline to other people.

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