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Airline Review: Vueling

Quick, Easy and Friendly but… my knees hurt!

Flying with Vueling was a surprising pleasure if taking into consideration that it is a LCC (Low Cost Carrier) and it’s in the same league as some Irish or English competitors.

Besides that booking the flight was pretty easy and quick I was very surprised by the friendliness of the staff. On-ground staff was very polite and the flight attendants where busy talking to each other but always attentive if you needed something from them.

Reasonably cheap drinks and food on board

You probably can book the food and drinks before hand when buying your ticket online but even if you don’t prices on board are pretty reasonable taking into consideration that the on board sale for many LCC is another big and important revenue stream. You can get a Spanish “bocadillo” for already €5,50 or a Muffin for €2,00.

You choose which music you’d like to hear!

A great thing by vueling is that YOU as a Facebook Fan choose which music you’d like to hear on-board. Vueling had a competition on their Facebook Page where their fans could vote for their favorite tracks. These include songs of Wilco, Bon Iver, Radiohead, Josh Rouse, Regina Pektor and many more. Unfortunately, the entertainment system didn’t work on our flight or maybe it was only my seat!

The flight was… good!

The Flight was, as anywhere else, pretty smooth and fast. We flew from Berlin Tegel to Barcelona in about two hours.

If you are tall, you might have a little problem. I’m 1,87 meters tall and my knees were hurting a little after the flight. The space between the seats must be strictly according to the international laws for leg space cause I think this was the tightest I ever sat in a flight. But this is only a personal problem, my friends and fellow travel bloggers Angelika from Ich weiss wo and Nina from Smaracuja didn’t have the problem.


All in All… I’ll book again!

The reason I’m most surprised about Vueling is probably because it’s the daughter company of Iberia where I haven’t had a very pleasant experience with and until today I’m still waiting for a response… but that is something else!

Vueling surprised with its professionalism and customer service and I’m sure that I’ll fly with them again when I need to get back to Spain.

Did you fly with Vueling before? What do you think of this airline? We look forward to your opinion in the comments section below!

Disclaimer: I was invited to fly with Vueling. However, all thoughts and comments are mine and were not influenced by them! 

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5 comments on “Airline Review: Vueling

  1. Shanna Schultz on

    I enjoyed my flight on Vueling between Madrid and Paris (though I agree about the hurt knees. We managed to negotiate one exit row seat for my tall companion, but that left me squished in to one of the normal seats.)

    I, too, was pleasantly surprised about the good selection and prices of food onboard. Many of the big airlines charge you waaaay too much for waaaay to little, and it was nice to see a contrast.

    We booked last minute (4 hours before the flight) and still got a great price ($150, I believe)…I would definitely fly with them again!

  2. Núria on

    Hi! I’m from Barcelona and also like Vueling. I’m blind and I often fly with them, they are very kind with me and my guide dog Bella, and we have always an open seat for her to be more confortable during the flight.

  3. Kim Merritt on

    I flew Vueling twice this spring and was pleased with it as a low cost carrier. Sure it felt tiny, they were super strict on their carry-on size/weight policy, and I felt super old compared to all of the rowdy kids on the flight, but none of those had a negative impact on my actual flight. It was cheap enough, the staff were friendly and joking around with customers, and the cheesy snack pack I bought onboard was inexpensive and pretty good! They sure as hell beat any of these low cost carriers in the US!

  4. Frequent flyer on

    I just flew with Vueling a few hours ago – my first (and maybe last) flight with them. While I thought they generally provided a good service, I HATED the fact that the music went on and on for so long, during take off and landing, for about 15-20 minutes each time. I want to relax on a plane, leave my mind free, not have muzak I don’t want to hear pumped into my brain during the flight. I really hope this doesn’t become a trend on other airlines as well (thankfully, no other airline I’ve experienced, and I’ve experienced a few, forces the piped muzak onto you for so long). It’s intrusive and doesn’t make everyone feel “relaxed”, or whatever the “purpose” is – quite the opposite.