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Sponsored Post: Airports in Europe

Did you know that every hour an average of 7.770 passengers travel through London Heathrow Airport? Or that at Brussels Airport Internet is more expensive than parking?

Expedia published a little infographic with some facts about some selected european airports. I was very surprised by the distance some airports are away from the city centers. That is something I have never really taken into consideration when budgeting and planning my trips. So far I have always been lucky that the airports where close to the city. Olso Airport is 50 kilometers away from the city center. It would take at least an hour or longer to get to the city center by public transportation I would guess!

Airport parking is very expensive anywhere you go. But I was shocked by the prices some of these airports are charging. Stockholm charges incredible 7.5 GBP for an hour of parking! This is good and negative, it makes a trip ridiculously expensive but encourages people to use public transportation.

As a frequent flyer I am happy to see that some airports are starting to offer free Wifi. I remember that I had to pay for internet a couple of years ago in Vienna, today it’s free!

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