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Airline Review: Bangkok Airways
On a recent trip to the Andaman Sea I flew with Bangkok Airways. I flew from Bangkok to Phuket to spend a couple of days in Khaolak. Bangkok Airways positions itself as the Boutique Airline of Asia. And I was quite impressed by the price-performance ratio. I paid 3000 Baht for the one way flight. I really like when I see the end price right at the beginning. I hate it when you think that you have found a very cheap ticket and they start adding more costs throughout the process and at the end you end up paying nearly double the initial price. However, with Bangkok Airways, this is not the case. It said right at the beginning that the price was 3000 Baht and when I paid, the price was still 3000 Baht.

Bangkok Airways

Great Service

The ground staff is very friendly. When we checked in, we were greeted friendly and they made no drama when we had a couple of extra kilos. They also have a lounge at Bangkok Airport where you can eat and drink as much as you want which is a great service I think. We were starving as our flight was at 7 in the morning and we haven’t had breakfast before. They had delicious sandwiches and good coffee.

Tasty Food

The flight only took an hour and we got served drinks and a very tasty sandwich. I was surprised that we got something to eat. Most airlines don’t offer anything on such short flights. I think this was the tastiest in-flight snack I had so far… it was so good that i stole the sandwich of my neighbor who was sleeping the entire flight 🙂

Bangkok Airways food

Did you fly with Bangkok Airways before? What do you think of this Airline?

Sebastian Canaves
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  1. Sounds like a good airline… I hate LCC which add so many costs. I also prefer to be told right at the beginning how much I have to pay! Will try to fly with Bangkok Airways when I get to Thailand soon!

  2. I’ve flown with them from Bangkok to Samui a couple of times and they’ve been great. I also did Samui to Singapore which was a bit more of a stretch but still good. Bit cheeky taking your neighbour’s sandwich!

  3. I haven’t flown Bangkok Airways because I can get my airline points with Thai Air. After reading your review I would certainly try them if they offered points!

  4. My buddy is going to Thailand in a few months and he is flying Bangkok airways. I will make sure he knows its relatively cheap and has great service.

    Check out!

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