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Best Backpacks for traveling long-term

Once you’ve decided that you are going on an adventure of a lifetime and want to travel around the world your next most important decision is not only where you want to go but you need to decide the way you are going to travel. There are many different backpacks for each travel style and many aspects that are important when choosing the right backpack.

Remember you are probably going to live a whole year out of this backpack, therefore it is important that you choose the right one. It is as important as your travel partner. If you choose the wrong one, it can affect the whole trip and it turns from an adventure to a trip to hell.

I recently received a few emails from you asking me “What’s the best backpack for travelling?” and “What’s the best backpack for Europe?

The best backpack is very subjective. It depends on so many factors to find the right backpack. Here is a list of things you might want to consider when choosing your right backpack.

Beset Backpacks for Traveling Long-Term

Best Backpack Size For Traveling

If I learned one thing traveling is that the size of a backpack is very important. As a travel blogger I’m not the lightest travel blogger. I carry so much stuff with me that I need a big backpack, others though can survive with half the size. It depends on your needs. A flashpacker might need more space than a budget backpacker with only one pair of shoes. I’m a fan of 60-70 liters backpacks but seen people travel for months with only 30-40 liters, the latter one mostly minimalists that don’t really buy any souvenirs on the road.

Best Backpacks With Wheels

I don’t own a single backpack with wheels but my friend and fellow travel blogger Kate recently published a review of her new Osprey Backpack that also comes with wheels. Especially when they get heavy wheels can be perfect. The only reason I refuse to use them is that backpacks with wheels tend to be heavier than backpacks without wheels. Therefore I don’t own one.

The Backpack Design

Even though its not very obvious, the design of a backpack is also very crucial. You want to look at the way the backpack can be opened and the number of pockets it has. Try to get a backpack that opens from the top and the side like a suitcase. This way you don’t have to get out all the stuff for a thing that lays at the bottom. The most annoying thing is to repack your backpack every single day. The Aircontact Pro by Deuter is great for this.

Best Material For a Backpack

Try to get a backpack that is made of a material that is 100 % waterproof. If it isn’t made of waterproof material, make sure that it at least comes with a waterproof rain cover. Most backpacks have this on the top or the bottom of the backpack.

Backpack Price

The backpack price can vary from a few dollars to several hundreds. When it comes to backpacks you might want to look into better quality backpacks. A backpack that costs between $100 and $200 should be fine. All the premium backpacks are only more expensive because they have a few pockets extra.

Best Backpacks for traveling

1. Deuter Aircontact Pro 


The Air Contact Pro is one of my absolute favorite Backpacks. It has a well thought design and the pockets are big enough and in the right place. The backpack is divided into two compartments, one at the bottom that covers one third of the whole backpack and the upper one that covers the other two thirds of the backpack. It also has three big pockets from where you can access your belongings. Read the full Air Contact Pro review here!





2. Osprey Sojourn Wheelpack

Adventurous Kate loves this backpack and we think its great if you mostly travel in well developed cities with great pavement. Other then that, if you travel off the beaten path and your adventures take you far away from big cities and civilisation this probably won’t be your ideal backpack. Also remember that wheelers are a bit more heavier than backpacks without.




3. Deuter Quantum

Actually the Deuter Quantum is one of my favorite and I consider it as the best backpack for travelling. They have different sizes so you can go for a small version of 50 liters or if you tend to pack a lot for the 70 liters version. The special feature I like so much about the Deuter Quantum is that it comes with an additional daypack strapped to the back where you can fit another 10-15 liters.

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