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Best Pictures of Australia

I love Australia! It feels like yesterday when I had to leave Australia in 2008 due to an accident where I got hit by a car. My heart was aching when I had to leave the country but I knew I would come back. In 2010 I finally had the time to go back to down under. I visited a friend with whom I planned a mini road trip in Western Australia, unfortunately due to the weather it was cancelled after two days… Major parts of Australia were flooded back then but we tried to do the best out of it… we followed the sun and had an amazing two weeks.

These are some of the best pictures of Australia from a two weeks road trip in 2010.

The Landscapes

Farm and windmill during sunset in Australia

Melbourne by the beach

welcome to the northern territories


The Fauna

Koala Magnetic Island with baby

Dingo at the beach


The Cities


Melbourne by Night

Melbourne by Night

Brisbane from Mt. Cootha


Brisbane Wheel

Brisbane Wheel


Have you been to Australia? What was your favorite part? If you haven’t been, would you go? We look forward to your opinion in the comments below!

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27 comments on “Best Pictures of Australia

  1. Federico on

    I once almost ran over a huge lizard (not a crocodile for sure) that was crossing a road. I had lorikeets stand on my head. Saw wild kangaroos at night. It is a land with plenty of great photo opportunities…

  2. Sean Méthode on

    The pictures are really beautiful. All of them speak a story of their own. The photos of the landscapes are awesome. The sunset photo is one enchanting picture. After seeing these photos, I have decided to visit Australia in my next holiday.

  3. Anita Mac on

    Great photo essay! You are making me homesick! Has been far too long since I last was in Oz. That koala picture is gorgeous…also love the night city scapes. Beautiful. Loved traveling on the coast, but also inland to the vineyards, the amazing food and Sydney! So hard to pick a favourite part – there is just so much to choose from!

  4. Alexis beverly l on

    Lovely pictures. I enjoyed seeing them very much. One of my friends had been to Australia recently and she was telling me how beautiful it was. I think these pictures speak more than a thousand words.

  5. Debbie on

    Great photos – absolutely beautiful. Have yet to make it to Australia but would love to go experience it – one day 🙂

  6. perez michelle on

    Lovely pictures. I and my partner had a long time plan to visit Australia. This is going to come true next month. I am really excited. Cannot wait to visit this beautiful place:) I hope I can visit all these places you have mentioned here.

  7. Brooke Morris on

    I stumbled upon here by accident but could not take my eyes off the mind boggling pictures of Australian landscapes, flora and fauna and the magic of colours in the evening sky, that you have posted.I glanced over it with so much enthusiasm and found myself fascinated with it.Next month I am visiting south-east Asia and will try to make a stop at Australia.

  8. Blake gamerstudent101 on

    My tour agent had shared this link of ‘best pictures of Australia’ on her Twitter page.Initially I dismissed it as a boring article.But once I started reading the post,I found it very entertaining and fascinating.I am impressed with these scenic,magnificent and the appealing pictures of Australian landscape posted in this article.It is a true heaven on the earth. Recently, I have been to New Zealand but didn’t visit Australia.I truly regret the missed opportunity but will plan to tour there soon in future.