15 European destinations to extend your summer this October in Europe!

It’s hard to imagine that summer will be over in a few weeks, and that we will have to make due with temperatures of 10-15 degrees Celsius and even less. Unthinkable really, although we know it is coming.

Here in Berlin the first leaves are already falling from the trees and in the mornings I have to wear a pullover. I can feel that slowly but surely fall is coming. And in an instant summer will have slipped away.

This is how it goes every year and every year it takes us by surprise.

Line and I pretty much skipped last years winter and this years spring and it was a little strange to have summer all year. In October we will be heading towards Bali and then South Africa.

I am sure you also want to prolong the summer a little so before you waste hours searching for cheap flights with the ‘all destinations’ function on Skyscanner, I did the research for you: of all the places that are still warm in October, these are the best! So just like Line and me, you can have a longer summer this year.

Best Vacations October: 15 destinations that are still warm in October!


The southermost of the Greek isles is said to be one of the warmest of them all. Even in October temperatures can go up to 24 degrees and you will get an average of 7 hours of sunshine a day. And in a really sunny October even the sea will warm up to 23 degrees!

And the best part, no need to just laze around in the sun. Crete offers loads of adventures: Canyoning, rock climbing or a Land Rover tour around the island!


This little city with its 230 000 inhabitants is actually not so small – quite the opposite: Porto is the third largest city in Portugal! Though best known for its famous port wine, Porto has a lot more to offer. Porto itself is beautiful and the surroundings are great for hiking with wild waterfalls to cool off in during the hikes.

And the view from Pedra Bela onto the city and the landscape around it is killer. The Portuguese are nice and relaxed people and they know how to cook. Porto will not be quite as warm as Crete but still averages about 17 degrees in October.


A part of Cyprus belongs to Turkey, the other part is independent. In summer the island is buzzing with visitors but in fall you are practically alone. And now that the independent part belongs to the EU entering the Turkish part has also become a lot easier.

However, most rental cars will not be able to transit from one part to the other, so check with your rental company when you sign the contract for your car!

There is so much you can do on Cyprus, be it diving, mountain biking, or just lying in the sun and swimming in the Mediterranean Sea. So if you plan to travel with your girlfriend or boyfriend and the two of you have different interests, Cyprus is perfect! Everyone will get what he or she wants.

And even in October it is still summer in Cyprus. You can still get up to 30 degrees here for up to 8 hours of pure sunshine a day – amazing!


Being a real Mallorcan myself my home island has to appear in the October holiday list!

And if you head to Mallorca, it’s best to go North, to the area around Pollença, the city where I was born and raised. Some of the highlights there are a hike to the rather unknown Cala Buquer, up to Puig de Maria, to Cap de Formentor which cannot be reached by tourist busses, or a dinner at the nowadays pretty touristy Mirador de la Victoria from where you still have a stunning view of the bay of Pollença and the sunset.

October on Mallorca still has pleasant 24 degrees and water temperatures around 22.5 degrees. Perfect for an active holiday and a little adventure.

Cote D’azur

The French Riviera has always had a special allure to artists and writers and a road trip along the Cote D’azur in October can be beautiful. Small, drowsy towns like Antibes, tasty food, good wine and, of course, great weather!

October will be around 20 degrees in air and water. You can go sailing, biking or hiking or simply enjoy the French way of life.

San Sebastian

Well known among surfers, San Sebastian is the place to go if you like it warm and laid back. You will love the little town in the Spanish Basque region. There are beautiful beaches here and little bays in between and the historical center of San Sebastian is gorgeous.

Don’t be suprised if your Spanish doesn’t get you anywhere here, people speak Basque. Even I, a Spanish native, don’t understand that language. But the food and tapas are great nontheless and temperatures will be around 22 degrees in October.


This island in the Atlantic belongs to Purtugal, but with its incredible mountains, dense forests, stunning cliffs and beaches it is really one of a kind. Madeira simply is paradise for hiking! You can also go diving and even surfers will find some hidden spots.

And of course the island is great for just relaxing and wandering around its beautiful capital, Funchal. With 24 degrees in October, this is a great place to be. The flight from Germany is around 5 hours.


When I was 16 I spent a month on Malta and absolutely loved it! Language holiday travelers love the island and lots of adolescents come here for a few weeks to learn English. But the island has a lot more to offer, especially its history is worth looking into.

Discover the stories its capital Valetta has to tell or visit the beaches of the neighboring islands Comino and Gozo. Or if you want to be more active, Malta offers pretty much every water sports activity under the sun. And with temperatures around 26 degrees it is also one of the warmest places to spend October in Europe!


Menorca is like the undervalued little sister of Mallorca and Ibiza, so it is a lot quieter than the other two. The little island, as it is called in Catalan, has a lot to offer, it is ideal for hiking and bike tours as well as excursions on a sailboat.

Horse lovers like Line will probably know the island for its noble black horses. And if you like cheese you have probably heard of the typical Mahón cheese. But no matter what you are into, with temperatures around 23 degrees, you can definately have a good time here. And the little island really is not so little with its 700 square kilometres.


Politically Macedonia does not belong to Europe but geographically it does. Since it is so close it is definately worth checking out, so why not plan an October holiday there? Temperatures will be around 23 degrees, so fall at lake Ohrid is very nice.

You can visit Ohrid’s historical center and enjoy the great and really cheap food, or head out into nature and go for a hike. In any case there are plenty of things to do here! The best way to get around is to rent a car and explore Macedonia on your own.


I highly recommend Tarifa for off season. The city is a Mekka for kitesurfers and can be fairly cheap as well. With up to 25 degrees October is still pretty nice here, despite the cooler wind coming in from the Atlantic.

Rental cars are not expensive during off season in Spain, so if you are into nature, get a car and drive to Gadiz or visit Gibraltar.

Best October Vacations: City trips in Oktober!

If you prefer city trips over nature holidays don’t worry, there are some cities that are perfect for October. I listed a few cities that have a lot to offer and are not too overrun by tourists at this time of the year, where the weather is nice and the people friendly!


One of my favourite cities in Italy is Bologna in the Emilia Romagna region. I have been there several times now. There is always something to do and the countryside and beach are easily accessible by car or train.

Temperatures in October are less than 20 degrees but with an average of 19 you can still have a good time here.


Line and I were in Barcelona last spring and we loved it. This year we were there during the peak season in summer and wanted to leave after only a day. It was just too crowded and touristy.

By October it is already calmer but still offers up 23 degrees. The old parts of the city are beautiful and you are right on the beach so you can even go surfing there. And of course the food is fantastic.

The city has a super cool vibe so as long as you avaoid the tourist areas like the Rambla, Barcelona is a great place to be.


The city on the hills presents a wonderful view onto the Atlantic and is often compared to San Fransisco. People here are relaxed and super friendly and with temperatures around 23 degrees in October Lisbon is a perfect holiday destination.

The city is beautiful, with lots of great cafés and restaurants and the surrounding countryside is also worth a visit. The best thing about Lisbon, however, is that you can also go surfing there! There are very stylish design hotels and great AirBnB Apartments at decent prices, what more do you want?

In short:

Wherever you spend your holiday this October, you are on the safe side in any of these places. All of them offer plenty to do and to discover, the people are cool and the weather is sunny and warm!

What are your favourite places for a holiday in October? Share them in the comments!

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