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The last time I wanted to jump off somewhere I got hit by a car a few days earlier. Therefore, 5 years later, I decided that it finally was about time to do it. I agreed to go Bungee Jumping in Scotland!

Silence before the storm

We spent the night before in a beautiful cottage in the mountains in Blair Athol, great views with good company. I was with Bjorn and Dylan, two fellow travel bloggers and we spent the night working and drinking and philosophizing about every topic that came our way.

The next morning we had to get up a little earlier to make our way to the neighboring town called Killiecrankie. It was only 10 minutes away, so not enough time to actually freak out. I was actually really excited to do this. I wanted to do it for years and never managed or never came across something during my travels the last few years.

Bungee Jumping in Scotland

The guys at BungeeJumpScotland were really friendly and welcomed us. After taking the weight (unfortunately I now know how much I gained from all the travels in the last months) they write down two numbers on your hand. On the left your turn (I was third) and on the right hand your actual weight (87 ugh… but hey it’s with clothes on)

They then took us in a van to the bridge over the river. The bridge we jumped off is in the middle of a national park so you jump in a scenic surrounding. It’s beautiful but some of us really couldn’t see or enjoy the beauty because just watching others jump scared them.

I was the newbie of the group, Dylan and Bjorn both already jumped before, but I was really excited. Since I tried to capture everything on camera I had to wait until they all jumped. Their screams of joy made me want to jump even more.

3, 2, 1 are you ready?

After they all jumped it finally was my turn. The instructors fixed the bungee around my ankles and I was ready to go. In a penguin walk (the ankles where attached to each other) I made my way to the jumping platform. After a repetition of the instructions I was ready to go. 3…2…1 ……………

What an incredible experience. The freefall maybe takes two seconds but its an incredible feeling. Then you hang down there, head down for a minute until they send a cord to collect you, you need to attach it to your harness and they pull you up again.

The adrenaline that rushes through your body is just insane. I was so high, that I decided to jump again.

This time, backwards…

I made my way back to the platform again and looked at my instructor. He was joking around and I was laughing. Then he told me to jump and I just did, and while I was in the air, I was almost shitting myself. Jumping backwards is very scary because you have no idea how far away the ground is and it feels like you are falling forever.

Once I felt the bungee pulling me back I was so relieved. I had the feeling my veins would explode from all the adrenaline in my body. It was a crazy experience and I absolutely loved it and would do it again in a heartbeat.

Unfortunately we had to make it back to Edinburgh and there was no time for more jumping. Once in the car, everybody fell asleep within seconds. I, unfortunately, had to drive back…

But I will be back…

Did you ever go bungee jumping?

Disclaimer: This experience was made possible with the help of EmbraceScotland.

Sebastian Canaves
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