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My very own reason why I will never get enough from adventure and travelling!
People often ask me why I do what I do. Why I am always on the road, why I drive through the Australian outback in a camper for weeks, spend hours climbing peaks or jump from an airplane at 15 000 feet. Why I quit my job as marketing consultant in Bangkok to travel the world as a blogger going from one adventure to another. To be honest, I never really thought about that. It just happened. Only now, after about 5 years as a professional travel blogger did I realize why I do all this, why I am crazy enough to jump backwards off bridges with a bungee or go swimming with wild dolphins and am constantly on the move.

Traveling is endless freedom to me

Do you know this travel feeling? Getting up every morning not knowing what you are going to experience today? This excitement for whatever is to come, the curiosity for everything that is new and foreign? I love not knowing what will come next and like to let things happen. I am not a fan of strict itineraries or tight travel routes. I really don’t need to know where I will be after tomorrow, I want to be in the present. When traveling you meet so many people, you hear of hidden places or are told of lonely beaches and stunning trails, of untouched areas that are not mentioned in any guidebooks. If you don’t have a set plan you can go off and discover all these hidden places for yourself, if you have an itinerary you can’t do that. And sometimes you meet very special people when on the road which can even change an existing plan altogether.I also believe that even without a plan you arrive somewhere, often times at an even better place than you could have imagined. Traveling without set destination or plans is pure freedom to me. Every day I can decide what I want to do today and where I want to wake up tomorrow. This is the ultimate freedom to me! Milford Sounds New Zealand

Nature inspires me

I used to be a total city fan which is why, three years ago, I moved to the center of Berlin Kreuzberg. Somehow all my favourite cities all began with a B: Berlin, Bangkok, Brisbane and Barcelona. All of them are pretty gib, loud and hectic cities full of people and chaos. This year Line and I spent 2 months in a camper touring Australia and New Zealand and at times we didn’t have any people around us, nothing but nature. We slept out in nowhere or right on a cliff by the ocean. Since then things have started to change. I don’t even like Barcelona so much any more, it is too confining, too stuffy and loud. Berlin also doesn’t feel right any more, doesn’t feel like my home. And I don’t even want to start thinking about Bangkok. I know now that I am happier when I am outdoors, surrounded by nature. When I wake up looking at mountains or the sea. When I am not surrounded by dead, cold walls when working at the laptop but get to look out onto a rice field like in Ubud, Bali. When I can go for a surf at noon, or simply start work in the afternoon after having gone kayaking. When I can go sit on a little hill in the evening to watch the sun set far away. And I love falling asleep to the sound of the waves, to hear the crunch of stones under my feet when I walk, to hear the rustle of leaves in the wind when taking a break and later to jump into a loud water fall. All this is so much better than the ugly canyons of houses and the annoying noise of the city. Outdoors in nature there is nothing that confines me. There is only wide open space and endless adventures waiting for me. DSC_0368

It is adventures that really make me alive

And with that I have arrived at what really drives me. What makes me alive and lets me feel that I am here. Adventure, adrenalin, fear and bliss in one. I do these extreme things like jumping from an airplane over Queenstown, New Zealand, hours of hiking through canyons, diving next to whale sharks in Australia, or swinging over a deep abyss in South Tyrol because these adventures make me alive. Of course I am always a little scared but once I face my fear and simply do it, I am so incredibly happy. There is nothing like that feeling. I need to breach my limits, only then I really exist. The rush of adrenaline lets me feel that I am alive. Every time I experience something extreme I cannot help but run around with a huge grin on my face and this indescribable feeling inside me. This feeling that is life! So now my answer why I do all this: Because it is pure freedom to me. Because in no other moment do I feel as alive as when I am traveling and living adventures, when I am outdoors and adrenaline is rushing through my veins. To me there is no better feeling than that! And it is precisely because of this feeling that I decided to never stop traveling and adventuring because that would mean giving up my freedom and not really living any more. DCIM100GOPRO

Do you know this feeling?

I know every person is different. We all think differently, feel differently and see the world with different eyes. And still i think that every human – and that includes you – should ask him- or herself at least once in a lifetime why he or she does what he or she does. Be honest, ask yourself what drives you to do what you do. My motivation is the feeling I described, the seeking for freedom. I am sure that every one of us has this seeking inside. This longing for new experiences which let you grow beyond yourself. Because in the end there are no borders, our only limitations are set by ourselves. Every single day we can redefine our own lives if we allow ourselves to do so. Every time I travel, when I am outside and plunging head first into a new andventure I remind myself why I do this. And there it is again, this feeling, my very own reason. My question for you is: do you know the feeling I am talking about? Do you also feel utterly free when traveling? Free and alive when you do something extreme and reach your own limits? When you are out in nature and hear the wind rushing past and have nothing but space around you? Do you feel that? Always remind yourself of that feeling, of your own personal reason. Allow this feeling to take over, get out and explore new countries and make every day an adventure. Be free and begin to live! You can learn more about my personal motivation for traveling and experiencing adventures outdoors here at Jack Wolfskin. Also, make sure to watch their latest TV spot and read about other people’s motivations for being outdoors. You can even win your very own outdoor adventure! Skydive Queenstown
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