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Canyoning Bali: Deep Drop-Offs, daring jumps and the adventure of a lifetime

In front of me a deep drop-off. I dare to take a small step, but it’s too deep and I still can’t see the water basin down there. „Now, we’re going to jump“, says my new friend Pii „only 9 meters.“ My husband goes first and climbs to the edge. I can hear a loud „Wuhuu“ and an even louder Splash. „Annika, that’s awesome. You just have to jump!“

Alright, I don’t really have a choice. Pii helps me on the ledge. Now I can see the beautiful waterfall, directly falling down in the deep below my feet. And far deep down there I can see my husband waiving. He looks pretty tiny in the water basin. Pii tells me to push hard, so that I don’t make company with the cliffs. Just great – as if I’m not already nervous enough. My knees are wobbling but I really want to do it. So I breathe in deeply and take all my courage and jump… and fall… and fall… and splash. The water is deep enough, it’s ice-cold, but I’m not hurt. That was an unique experience!
In the public swimming pool I didn’t even dare to jump of the 5-meter tower and now I just survived 9 meter free fall in wild nature. What a great feeling!

Beginning of the canyoning

Pii, you pronounce it Pi-i, is enthusiastic as well and jumps right after me. He is our guide for the first time Canyoning on Bali. For that experience we chose the tour Kalimandu.
It all starts pretty harmless with a banana pancake breakfast in the basecamp. Here we also get our 5mm wetsuits, shoes and the climbing gear.

Then we take the minivan for about 15 minutes to get out somewhere in the jungle. Here we start with a dry run on abseiling. It works out pretty good and Pii is a wonderful teacher.

After a short walk down we reach a small course of a stream. We will follow it for the next 2 hours. The first obstacles are easy to overcome. We climb a little bit or slide down small slopes. That’s a lot of fun.

Abseiling isn’t difficult

Then there is a drop-off, which is not too easy to get through. Now our climbing gear has its moment. We already learned the Abseiling, now we have to proof, that we memorized everything. Pii belays the drop-off, himself and then us.

Just as practised both hands are on the safety line: the stronger one under the bottom and the other one thereover. The legs have to be straightend and in a 90° angle to the ground. All right. Now one careful step after the other with the downwards direction.
Hey, that’s running pretty smoothly – it’s not that difficult. I can even let loose one hand to make funny poses for Pii’s GoPro. He’s taking pictures and filming all the time. It’s amazing to look down the waterfall.

And through the waterfall

Is that really true? I’m climbing down a waterfall in the midst of wonderful natur? It’s an incredible feeling, it’s hard to describe. And before I realize it, I’m already down there. I jump the last meter – brr… the water is really cold.
That’s how we swim, climb and wade through the canyon. Inbetween we always have to do some more abseiling and then there is the mentioned 9 meter jump. But after that there is another highlight waiting: the Flying-Fox-Zipline. Pii and his assistant Rama stretch a rope for about 20 meters from the drop-off into the water. After some Abseiling we just have to let loose and then we fly into the water. That’s just awesome!

We have to manage the longest abseiling distance for about 15 meters at the end of the tour, but at that time, we are already pros 🙂
For relaxation hot springs, tea and some cookies are waiting for us. You don’t need more for beeing happy.

Some facts and the small catch

Adventure and Spirit is the only company that offers Canyoning on Bali. You can book via their website. They get you from everywhere on the island and bring you the breakfast (so depending on where you stay in Bali, you might have to get up very early). In the basecamp near the Gitgit waterfall you get the first briefing and a small breakfast. After you canyoning tour you can take a shower and you get a yummy lunch. Adventure and Spirit is a member of the ICPro organization and even bloody beginners get a canyoneer card with a certificate of the initiation course after their first tour. If you bring an USB stick or an SD-card, all pictures taken will be loaded on it for free. That’s real service!
Now you might ask: Where is the catch? Canyoning on Bali is not really cheap. You have to pay about 110-270 US$ for a tour and you will get addicted! After your first tour you want to go again to overcome the next waterfall!

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Annika loves weddings, life and travel. She gives tips about weddingplanning and honeymoon her blog Lieben Leben Reisen (Live Life Travel). She married in 2014 and spend her honeymoon on Bali. Now she shares her experiences on her Blog and loves to get some comments. You can also check out her Facebook page.

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