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Carry On Packing List For Long Weekend Breaks

Over the years I have build an addiction for bags. I have a shoulder bags, messenger bags, travel backpacks, carry on bags etc… I know which ones are the best backpacks for long term travel and I am on the hunt to figure out which is the best backpack for travel long term with a carry on (article coming soon)

Today though, I’d like to show you what I pack when I travel for a trip of max three to four days!

I recently visited Athens for a long weekend (Thursday to Monday) and traveled only with my new Crumpler Carry On Bag!

It’s not the first time that I only travel with a carry on, but the first time that I did more consciously!

review clothes greece acropolis

With my new REVIEW clothes with the Acropolis in the background

Advantages of traveling with a carry on

1. Focusing on what is really important

If you are anything like me, then you pack way to much when you are traveling. Oh, let’s pack this pair of sneakers just in case, you never know. And better have another jeans, the other ones might break blah blah blah! I used to find many excuses to carry as much as possible!

2. Saving a lot of time

A huge advantage I had to the other people on my recent flights to Munich, Berlin and Athens? 10 Minutes after we landed I was sitting in the Bus, Train or Taxi on my way to the city center. I didn’t have to wait for another 20 to 30 minutes to wait for my baggage at the carousel.

3. Saving a lot of money

My new Crumpler bag costs 149 € (Full Disclosure: I got it for free to test from Crumpler!) . Airlines like Ryanair, EasyJet, Norwegian etc… (All Low Cost Arlines) charge between 20 and 30 € per checked in bag. It’s a no brainer to invest good money in a carry on, since it only takes 7 flights or 4 return flights to break even!

4. No worries

You don’t have to worry about so many things anymore. Airline loosing your luggage? No problem! Traveling with a chicken bus in South America? No problem, you can keep your carry on underneath your seat!

My Packing List For Long Weekends

These are the things I took with me on a 4 days weekend break to Athens:

Everything I had with me on

Everything I had with me on


2  x long trousers: 1 x blue jeans, 1 x grey pants

Always have a jeans with you, you can wear them for everything. I always try to have at least two different pairs of long trousers with me.

2  x shorts

When traveling to Greece in the summer of course you need to take a few shorts with you.

4 x Shirts

While you can wear your shorts at least twice, I like to wear clean shirts every day. Therefore I always have enough for at least 4-5 days. After that, I plan on cleaning them on my trip.

1 x Sweater

No matter how hot the forecast says its going to be, always have at least one sweater with you. Its normal that at some point at night you will feel cold, because your body is heated up over the day, once the temperatures fall you will feel chilly. I loved my REVIEW Sweater, which kept me pretty warm!


1 x Shoes

I love my new camper shoes. They not only look stylish but are also very comfortable for hours of walking tours around the city.


1x Flip Flops

If I can I rather run a around with flip flops. They are a must in my bag!


I carry a maximum of 5-7 shorts and socks with me on trips. After 3-4 days I start to look for a laundromat!


As a travel blogger I used to carry a lot of stuff with me. I did a detox and tried to get rid of most my stuff.

MacBook Pro

A travel blogger without a laptop is just a traveler. I always have my MacBook Pro with me and it fits perfectly into the Crumpler!


I’ve been a huge Nikon Fan for years. I’ve been very loyal to the company until Samsung asked me if I wanted to test the new GalaxyNX, well, long story short. I can’t imagine going back. The GalaxyNX is the perfect camera for travelers that love to take great pictures. It comes with Android and I can edit the pictures right on the camera and upload them to my Social Media Channels.

External Hard Drive

I always travel with an external hard drive to back up my things. I back up everything double. I also have subscribed to DropBox Business Account with almost 200GB of space in the cloud. But just in case, I also back everything up on my external!

Mini Loudspeaker

In case I want to watch a movie or listen to some music on the road, I carry this mini loudspeaker. Doesn’t really take a lot of space and is pretty powerful!


Since a few weeks I travel with my new Kindle and absolutely love it. I couldn’t get used to read on the iPad so I ditched it! There is no way, I’m going back!



In order to take care of the business behind the blog and all my other businesses I always carry my iPhone with me. I’m thinking of switching to Samsung with integrated camera and Android soon!

The Bag

All this I carry in my new Track Jack Board Case from Crumpler. It is really light, suits all airline carry on regulations and I still had a lot of space to carry much more if I wanted!


What I love about the bag is that I can use it as a carry bag but also as a backpack thanks to the hidden straps on the side.

The bag also comes with many pockets and a compartment for the laptop!



Do you travel with a carry on? What do you have with you? Let’s discuss in the comments section below!

Thanks to Crumpler and REVIEW for providing the new bag and the awesome clothes! 

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10 comments on “Carry On Packing List For Long Weekend Breaks

  1. Cindy Sheets on

    Your suggestions are pretty similar to what we’ve learned to bring in the carry-on. I don’t usually bring electronics, but my husband brings his mini computer. I’ve been struggling with whether to bring my large Canon SLR camera (and lends) or not. We run across so many really photogenic places during travel, and my iPhone camera just doesn’t do them justice. However, the added bulk and weight of the camera…. Just not sure if it’s worth it or not.
    One other thing we do is simply place our toiletries in ziploc bags instead of a toiletry kit. Much more lightweight, and definitely faster going through airport security.
    Love your blog!

  2. mblythin on

    Great list – surprised you’re travelling with a MB Pro though – why not an air? I have been experimenting with shoes that pack right down – e.g. Vivo barefoot shoes – they take a bit of getting used to but are fantastic to travel with.

    Also I don’t travel anywhere without Eagle Creek packing cubes. They’re just brilliant.

  3. Laura Horne on

    We went to England for 3 weeks in 2010 with carry-on only. Used Rick Steve’s Convertible Carry-On. Since then have tried different options but it’s one of my favorites!