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Chilling in Ahangama, Southern Sri Lanka

In May I visited Sri Lanka for a spontaneous visa run. I didn’t plan anything and therefore once I arrived in Colombo y took a taxi down to the southern part of the island. Where I heard that they have some good breaks for surfing.

Ahangama – quiet and isolated place that never heard the word Stress

We arrived in Ahangama, which is situated about 20 minutes away from Galle the next biggest city in the area and in southern Sri Lanka, at around noon. We quickly checked in at one of the few hotels of this town, The Three by TPV, and left to explore the area.


One of the owners of the hotel mentioned that surfing in a nearby bay called Wellingama is very good and we decided to give it a try. He called a tuk tuk who then drove us all the way to this sleepy town about 30 minutes away from Ahangama. On the way we stoped at a surf shop where we rented a board and I was ready for a new adventure.

I haven’t surfed since Nicaragua the year before and I wasn’t sure I was still able to hold the balance on the board. The first two attempts failed, but it seems like the Yoga during the last year helped to keep the balance in tact and after about 10 minutes I was on the board and surfed the breaks in this little bays. Some locals quickly joined me and loved it!

The waves were about 2-3 meters high and good enough for surfing. The barrels where too small to actually surf through them.

My board unfortunately wasn’t the best, not waxed enough and a fin broke off within minutes, which made the surfing experience very short.

Beach bar is always a good plan B

Since I couldn’t surf for much longer and the little shop where I rented the board was too far away, we sat down at a little beach bar where they had fresh fruit smoothies and nice local cold beer and lousy food. The afternoon was perfect and the prices didn’t kill our budget!!

After an exhausting day at the beach we returned to our hotel, where we were the only guests and chilled in their amazing pool and had delicious dinner in the garden.

Where to stay in Ahangama

The Three by TPV, is a boutique hotel owned by three Swedish designers. It is all in white and looks absolutely beautiful. A key feature that was very interesting was that the bathroom was outside, so while you were showering you saw the monkey jumping around in the trees. One of these cheeky monkeys even came down into the garden to check me out… can you believe this?! 🙂

Have you been to Sri Lanka? Did you go surfing?

Disclosure: This stay was sponsored by the awesome people at The Three by TPV who offer amazing accommodation in Ahangama. However, editorial control remains all mine…

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