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Service Review: City Night Line by Deutsche Bahn
There are many great ways how to travel in Germany. One of them is the City Night Line by the Deutsche Bahn. That connects many German cities with each other and also takes you to other European cities. I tested it between Berlin and Munich in November on my way to the White Start Games in Zell Am See – Kaprun in Austria. The distance between Berlin and Munich is about 600 kms and since I was busy during the day I decided to travel to Munich overnight. Watch the Video to see what I thought about the City Night Line!

Have you ever traveled with an overnight train? How was your experience? Like it, Hate it, Don’t really care about it? We are looking forward to your opinion in the comments below!

Disclaimer: I was invited to travel with the City Night Line by the Deutsche Bahn. However, they never asked me to write or say anything positive about it. As usually, all thoughts are my own!
Sebastian Canaves
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